Giggs Sits Down With Charlie Sloth In New ‘No Holds Barred’ Interview

Kings Media

By Kings Media

Kings Media

20 Nov 2017

In a very detailed interview with Charlie Sloth, Giggs opens up about everything. From his decision not sign to a record label, to how his life has changed in recent times.

Speaking on the decision why he failed to sign to a record label, the South London rapper revealed that the main reason is to do with him not wanting to change his music style. Funny enough, he only makes music that he can play in his car.

Wamp 2 Dem came out earlier this year and soured to number 2 on the charts after it’s first week of release. Giggs revealed to 2 Chainz was the artist he was most excited about working with, closely followed by Dave whom he still wants to go head to head with (lyrically).