Harry Pinero & Henrie Kwushue Talk ‘Who We Be’, Criticism & Black Content

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By Mixtape Madness Bloggers

Mixtape Madness Bloggers

6 Dec 2020

We caught up with Harry Pinero and Henry Kwushue on a fresh morning to pick the brains of the MOBO nominees, who were both just rising after a long day of executing work and filming the night before. Proving why they’re some of the UK’s favourite personalities, the hosting duo offered every aspect of their truth in our engaging conversation.

“Henrie, take us through your climb within the industry, as a young black female personality?”

HK: I started doing my own thing and into 2017, I got a show at Reprezent Radio. I got into more content based stuff, which I realised during radio and started pitching to producers. I moved into ‘Is Your Area Changing?’, not thinking it’d go anywhere, but it blew up. I now work with Spotify – it’s different, I’m doing long-format speech so I get to show more of my personality. ivermectin covid 19 mayo clinic God is good!

“Talk about your investment in start-up/grass-rooted platforms?”

HK: I feel like grassroots is my brand now. No Signal was a happy accident for me – my friend, Jojo, asked me to present during lockdown and then it blew up! When I work with grassroots, it makes me happy like watching a baby grow. It makes me feel really proud and means what I’m doing serves it purpose.

“What are some things you wish you’d known sooner?”

HK: I wish I never had thoughts like ‘Oh my God, I wish I was that funny’. You are who you are, and I’m there now, but yeah – just not looking too hard at what everybody else is doing.

“HP with the sauce! Talk about hosting ‘Who We Be’ and how that differs from your other job roles?”

HP: Cmon! ‘Who We Be’ content differs from my funny content. We cover inequality and so many things that serve a different purpose for me. It’s a different side to my personality, I’m talking about my views and beliefs. It’s helping me grow – I get very inspired by our conversations with people. Working with Henrie makes it so much easier!

“What were you reactions when you found out you were hosting together?”

HP: Henrie interviewed me early on in my career. I always said to her I’d come again but because of schedules never did. We did the pilot with different people so when I found out it was Henrie, I was like that’s sis, it’s gonna be sick!

HK: The first time I met Harry, he took my phone and told my Snapchatters that I’m talking to somebody with cornrows. I wasn’t – but that’s a big brother joke! The banter made me realise he’d be great to work with because of the friend-big bro dynamic and I think you can hear it on the show too.

“Harry, what was it like finding direction after catching a buzz so quickly?”

HP: I already knew my direction before I started. I knew I wanted to present, work with football players and do the content that I love. I knew that the buzz would come but it’s about what you do after, so once it came I started hitting people up for work. You can look at me and think I just crack jokes, but there’s actually a dream here.

“How did you avoid becoming a gimmick?”

HP: Talent Hunt showed more of me than my Instagram content. It showed me actually presenting a show and having the confidence to speak to anybody, so it took me away from just the IG content. Luckily enough, that helped me transition. qual o nome original do ivermectina

“You’ve bounced around… What are some of your best experiences?”

HP: BET Awards 2019 was crazy – that’s when I believed that I’m that guy. Doing the BRIT awards, and Merky Fest for me was the best because I’ve been behind-the-scenes all of my life up until 27. To be able to host our culture was amazing – I remember Konan telling me, “You’ve arrived, still.”

“And now you’re on a show with Konan!”

HP: You already know man! Playboi Clarti!

“On that topic, talk about being subject to criticism over family and your entertainment?”

HP: I know what’s happening inside and outside of my home. Luckily, I have amazing supporters who were riding for me. I give people entertainment and anything personal is between me and my family. Winners win.

“What’s fatherhood been like?”

HP: It’s the biggest blesing of my life and changed how I carry myself. There’s a reason why they say it’s the happiest feeling.

“Harry, we know that Miraa May slid into your DMs. can you give a dog ivermectin orally Henrie, do you have any interesting DM experiences?”

HK: Somebody has made a poem with my name in it, another has said that the blue tick won’t stop them… Some people reply to every single thing I post with an emoji – I’m yet to reply to any of these, they’re in my requests.

“Talk about core values that you take with you to work?”

HK: The currency there is to blackity-black stuff is overlooked by the mainstream world. We’re more visible but it doesn’t mean we’re being valued and paid the same as our white counterparts. That to me is important, and black creatives are learning more! You don’t wanna be done out of your own good work – it’s the idea of equality across the board.

HP: Know your worth and never budge. You’re delivering a service and it only increases based on what you do. Being unapologetically black – higher ups take from us, so we need to change the narrative. Don’t let haters deter you, it’s just words.

“How do you select guests and content for ‘Who We Be’?”

HK: We’ve got a great team that helps us – Amani and Finn. We have frequent meetings where we decide on guests and the conversations, and that’s how we put the show together.

“Though black content is popping in our community, what was it like realising that, in the wider league, black content doesn’t have the same value?”

HP: I’ve always led by example, I’m not gonna let anyone make me feel inadequate since I know what I bring to the table. I’ve been mistreated in 9-5s and left. Its been gas-lighted before, but the more we call it out, the more it looks like it will change.

HK: Not even so much on monetary value – it just opened up my eyes when universities and the Guardian hit me up. That, to me, was a lot different! The black creative scene is the reason why we are where we are.

HP: Yeah – control the narrative. It has its down sides but of late, its been positive.

“A shift is definitely happening! Tell us what to look forward to?”

HP: I’ve got some big things coming with football players, teams and all of that – I’m trying to be the first black man on ‘Match Of The Day’ after Ian Wright. We’ve got some TV stuff next year and I’m finally uploading on my YouTube!

HK: I’m doing another series, ‘Untold Stories’, with Daze and Converse which should be done by the end of the year. Otherwise, I’m still doing No Signal and seeing more things come into fruition!

Join Harry and Henry every Tuesday, as they celebrate black music and culture on the ‘Who We Be TALK_’ podcast, exclusively on Spotify!