In Conversation With Phyno

Mixtape Madness

By Mixtape Madness

Mixtape Madness

21 Jan 2024

Interview by Daniel Gaston

Phyno is a Nigerian-based artist who specialises in Afrobeat and has some of the biggest collabs with artists such as P-Square, Burna Boy, Flavour, Mr Easi, Runtown, Teni, Olamide, Don Jazzy and more.

How did you start your career, how did you get into music?

I started off as a producer he produced for 9 years in Nigeria for a lot of big artists such as Timiah, Mi, and Brackets but I knew I would end up making music because the first time I started production I wanted to make music but at the time I was making money off production but at some point, something just clicked.

A lot of your songs are influenced by your culture how does embracing your culture help you with the development of your music?

Representing where your from, people don’t need to second guess you like you see me I speak Igbo I represent Nigeria, africa and West Africa and I am very happy to be one of the flag bearers for my country it is a special kind of love for me.

How important has God been on your journey in music?

When I started my career, I started off as a hip-hop artist but I have a lot of hi-life and diverse music, I grew up in a high-life neighbourhood and the gospel music they play in those areas are different from what you hear but all the combination of those sounds are what made me who I am so once in a while I make music that reflects who I am.

What was the inspiration on your hit “Do I” that is trending all over social media?

When the producer was making the beat I was vibing to something else on the beat but when he left i told him to mute it I went out and came back and heard something different to the beat and i just went on it. I knew it was going to be a hit.

Are you working on a remix surely you can tell us?

Yes, I am working on a remix for the song and also an album to drop. No leaking any names for now but expect a remix to come out.

When can we expect the album to be released?

The album comes out in 2024 expect a few names in there

Any collaborations expected UK-wise?

I did something with Knucks and I did something sick with Arrdee that is 100% going on my album but I listen to a lot of UK artists such as Giggs, J-Hus, TIon Wayne, Ed Sheeran, and Stormzy.

What message would you give to your younger fans?

No limits, it will take time to make you get there there might be things like language barriers but you have to work past it music doesn’t have a language if you understand it you understand it so love music even when it doesn’t pay.