In Talks With Armz Korleone

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

17 Sep 2021

Armz Korleone may quite literally be the biggest social media personality the UK has to offer. The bodybuilder boasts a huge Instagram following, where he has demonstrated his ability in an array of different artistic areas. Having just dropped a ‘Fire In The Booth’ and a new single in preparation for an upcoming EP, we sat down with AK to discuss his passions ahead of his upcoming fight with Bouncer.

You’ve got a big fight coming up against this weekend, do you feel like you’re hitting your peak at the right time?

Yeah, of course. I feel like to be honest, because I’ve had to jump in quickly and do a fast track course on MMA, I can’t really say I’ve hit my peak, because you have to bear in mind that there are dedicated fighters who do this for years and years. It takes years to hone your skills and be comfortable, to be able to flow and be in that ring and have that fight IQ. I’ve only been doing MMA for six months, so it’s like, I’ve had to cram in so much information. The fight is coming up and if I said I was at my peak, it would kind of be bit of an insult to all the people that have put in work for so many years. But I will say I’ve learned so much over the past six months. I’m confident within myself, the coaches are confident within me, which is a very important factor. In the sport of MMA, in discipline, you know, my main focus when I was here training was just to find the essence, you know, the true meaning of it all and to just flow. I feel like I’m getting there. Link me in five years and we’ll talk about peaking.

What has it been like training with Michael Venom Page?

Listen, it’s been amazing. I’ve got nothing but positive things to say about Michael. Michael’s like the older brother I’ve never had. Anything that I need, he obliges, and I’m saying advice, any help with training, he’s always there. Don’t get me wrong, he’s doing his thing, so it’s not like he’s my main coach but he’s just a mentor for me. And for me, it’s a valuable thing for him to be in my corner because I’ve never had a real mentor in my life growing up. I didn’t have somebody I could look up to, and be like, ‘you know what, I like this person’s value, and I like how they live their life’. One of My favourite artists, 2Pac, I grew up listening to his music and watching interviews and listening to him talk. He’s the closest thing I’ve had to a role model, but to actually meet somebody in real life that can be like, ‘rah, I really respect this man.’ I trust him and I got hella time for him. It’s very valuable to me and it means so much to me and that words can’t even comprehend towards how much I appreciate Michael, man, it’s been a pleasure to to be under his wing.

Speaking of music, you’ve released a track and a ‘Fire in the Booth’ this year, and have an EP dropping as well. Do you see music as a next step for you in your career?

I started out with music. You know, people see me as this one-dimensional person, just a weightlifter etc. Don’t get me wrong, I lift weights, which everybody can see. That wasn’t my passion, though. I was recording music in high school. I wasn’t the best. But you know, I love the fact that I could express myself. Lyrically, I’m not I’m not a very, How can I put it? I don’t like to talk to people.

An introvert? 

I guess I am an introvert but at the same time I’m not. I’m not someone who wants to get my point across sometimes, I’d just rather not. I mean, I don’t really like to explain myself and say stuff but over the years. That’s something I’ve worked on. I found that in music, I was able to write down my deepest, darkest thoughts, whatever emotion. I felt like I was able to translate that into writing, and then also be able to lyrically express it on an instrumental, That’s what I wanted to do. You never know what’s around the corner in life, and I ended up picking up the weights instead and that excelled, but I never stopped writing, to be honest. I feel like I’m not gonna take it on as a career, but it’s going to be something that I do, because I can do it, and because I want to do it. And in doing that, I will continuously improve and get better with my writing, my delivery, and even learn the true meaning of music itself. I love music, and in everything I do, I really want to learn not just the basics of it, but go into it extensively, to learn the essence of the art. Music is just going to be something that I love to do and if it grows into something that brings success then so be it, but if it doesn’t, I’m still gonna enjoy it. 

Who would you say have been your musical influences when making your EP?

2Pac, definitely 2Pac. He’s a very layered man, he’s not just one dimensional, that’s something I’ve learned from him. He’s a poet, he’s an actor, he’s a rapper. You know, he’s, he’s just an artist in the true sense of the word, and I love that. I feel like in life, people limit themselves to just one thing. I’m not saying that’s wrong. But for me, I feel like the human mind is unlimited, my potential is unlimited. And I’m able to do whatever I want to do if I put my mind to it. I can be successful at anything that I literally put my drive, my power into. During my darkest times when I had nobody, 2Pac and his music was there for me. in terms of being able to express myself, i’m not 2Pac, Don’t get me wrong, but you know, there’s certain elements of his art that have really inspired me. Michael Jackson is another person who inspired me from early, man. I just wanted to to dance like him and I learned how to dance. I’m not gonna lie, in school I was known as the Michael Jackson dancer because I performed for the people. So yeah, 2Pac and Michael Jackson are my main musical influences.

What artists have you been listening to when you’re preparing and training for this fight?

My music tastes have broadened, so I’ve been listening to a cluster of music, man. I can’t really pinpoint a specific artist. I’ll say one person that’s been on the list is J Hus. I love his music, and I think he’s a very talented brudda. I listened to a lot of smooth numbers. Not anyone specifically but a mixture of different artists. I’ll say more than anyone though, I always listen to J Hus. You know, I’ve listened to drill, smooth jazz, just bare different genres depending on how I feel. I can’t really specify any artists that I have currently been listening to and obviously being with Michael, I’ve been introduced to new types of music as well. So, like I said, as the day goes on my music tastes are getting broadened.

You’ve also demonstrated a serious talent in the world of art. Is this a creative space where you’d like to grow even further?

Yeah, definitely, man. Like I said to you before, whatever I’m doing, whatever passion I have, I don’t want to just dabble in it. I want to extensively go in, and be immersed in it, and literally learn the essence of that art form that I’m enjoying. I feel like I definitely need to improve on my art skills. I haven’t had time to really sit down and work on my skills that much because I’ve been immersed in my training, which takes a lot of time and takes a lot of mental preparation. You need to have the patience and sit down and be ready to rub out mistakes and be ready to be disappointed. It’s just it’s a whole different mental place that you need to be in. So I feel like after the fight, I’ll definitely have more focus and I’ll be less burdened, and I’ll be free to just focus on my artwork and like I said, just improve on it day by day.

In five years time, would you like people to view you as a rapper, bodybuilder, or a combination of both?

I don’t like to be pigeonholed. Again, I don’t like to be seen as a one-dimensional person. That’s the narrative I wanted to change as a weightlifter. And I thought, you know, coming into the social media world, I’m aware of the stereotypes surrounding bodybuilders, power lifters, and fitness people. We’re supposedly up our arses, we’re naive, or we’re insecure. One stereotype is taking steroids and that’s something that I wanted to really change the narrative on and let people know that you can have fun and be fit. You don’t have to be on drugs to look good and to be strong. Yeah, so in five years time, I just really want to be seen as this powerhouse of talent. When you mention fitness, I want to be the guy that you think of straight away. When you think of art forms, when you think of weightlifting, music, movies and acting, I’m there. Life is one big thing like that you have to take advantage of. That’s my opinion anyway, and I don’t want to waste my life just not exploring my potential. I would love nothing more than to be recognised as this this powerhouse of talent in five years time.

Finally, do you have any parting words for Bouncer before you step into the ring on Saturday?

I’ve got no that’s for that guy, man. Actions speak louder than words, so what I’m going to say is, I’ll see my man in the ring and we’re gonna get that work. 

We can therefore see the focus and vision of a man who has one thing on his mind right now. Armz will be hopeful of taking care of business on Saturday in his debut MMA bout, but there are obviously a number of artistic avenues which the big man could pursue after this. Whether it be in acting, music, or art, there is no doubt that Armz Korleone will delve deeper into these cultures than anyone would expect him to, and we can’t wait to see his next moves.