Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

26 Feb 2021

Introducing the Florida-residing, hoodie connoisseur and loner-whisper, $NOT. Who’s unfaltering me-against-the-world attitude over the past two years has led to him becoming one of the most exciting faces to emerge from the sunny state in sometime (even if it is always consumed by a hood.) 

The rapper first debuted his anti-social rhymes which combine sharp and infectious melodies, back in 2018 on his single, Stamina. Since then, the 22-year-old has continued to showcased his pain, dig deep into the betrayal and hardships that have contributed to his reclusive persona. Most recently on the well-received project, Beautiful Havoc, that serves up a unique and diverse concoction on his musical palette. While bringing Denzel Curry, iann dior, and Flo Milli along for the ride. 

MM caught up with the rapper to find out more about the man behind the hoodie…

Hey $NOT, how are you?

I’m good. How are you? 

I know you’ve probably had this question before but how did you chose your name and why? 

I had the name on Instagram and people fucked with it. I almost called myself Lil Hoodie but $NOT is fire. 

Describe “Beautiful Havoc” in three words? 

Sad, lit, $NOT. 

Would you say your sound today carries influences from your childhood? 


If so, who and why? 

I grew up listening to a lot of Memphis rap like Three 6 and Shawty Pimp before I got into the underground shit in high school. 

Talk to us about your album – how much of the track list was created during lock down? 

All of it was created during lock down. I got off tour in March and started recording in April. 

Which artist would you say best fit your vision out of the three features on the project? 

Flo Milli. I fuck with Denzel and iann but Flo has an energy about her that I love. 

Since there’s a song called “Sangria” on the album – amazing song by the way. It would be interesting to know what your favourite drink is? 

Sprite and Sangria Señorial.

“Beautiful Havoc” is the second body of work you blessed us with last year, which is pretty impressive. How would you say the two differ and was the process of making them different? 

With Beautiful Havoc I was really focused on making the music. With – TRAGEDY + I had recorded a lot of the music before I had decided I was going to put together a project.

From looking through your Instagram we can tell that you stay up to date with sneaker drops, what’s your favourite sneaker of 2020? 

I gotta stay fly. I fuck with the Travis Scott Air Jordans the most though.

As you know this is a UK platform, have you had the opportunity to check out any of our talent? If so, who? 

I fuck with scarlxrd…he was doing the mask shit before COVID. King Krule is cool. Dutchavelli is hard too. 

What’s one thing that you are looking forward to post-COVID-19? 

Going on tour. I’ma go to Europe. 

Final question. Could you go on your Spotify/Apple music and tell us what the last song you listened to was? 

I only have SoundCloud… I don’t have Spotify or Apple on my phone. The last song I listened to was LIMBO by kysLINGO.