In Talks With Rinsa Malone: I’m an old school artist, I came from Grime

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

1 Feb 2022

Capitalising on the widespread recognition of his monumental phrase “One eye open when I’m sleeping“, Rinsa Malone has entered the game with a bang.

Laden with a slew of slick one-liners and a hard-hitting beat, the track has come as a surprise to those who may have deemed the Camden native as just another TikTok sensation. Rinsa is conscious of this but does not let that faze him, ‘they might think I’m a joke because they don’t really know anything much about me init. I want this conversation to show them a bit more about me”.

Indeed! I left our rather short chat with an important lesson on perseverance and it’s necessity in an often cruel industry.

Check out our conversation down below.

Your new song One Eye Open is out now, how do you feel in regards to the reception it’s getting?

Yeah I’m very happy with it cause it’s been on my own channel and is on nearly half a million so I’m very happy with it.

Where did the phrase actually come from?

It comes from me getting no sleep and being awake at late hours of the night.

The younger generation are probably thinking that this is the start of your music journey but you have been on this for time.

Since I was 11 I’ve always had a new 16 bar all the time!

Some listeners are now defining One Eye Open as like a blend of old school Grime with UK Drill. Would you say that’s accurate? where to buy ivermectin for humans

Yeah thats true! I’m an old school artist, I came from Grime. I was on radio sets since I was 13.

Funnily enough, there was a recent debate online regarding Drill vs Grime. Some tweeted that Grime is losing influence on the youth and needs a resurgence, what are your thoughts on that?

Drill is Grime darling, we just come out the studio and done Grime bars on a Drill beat.

The influence of Grime is really what differed the UK Drill sound from its Chicago origins.

Yeah cause it’s the same speed, same tempo in music. In Drill they’ve got similar flows so they probably just said let’s run with the one flow and let everyone put out their own little saying in that one flow. That’s what I believe and is not in disrespect to the Drill artists.

Okay let’s talk more on your stuff, what are you working on right now?

I’ve got like 40 tunes recorded, I’m always working.

So a full project is in the works?

A full album [pause] I’ll think about that, maybe mixtape. I’ve recorded over 60 tunes so I’m gonna need to revaluate them and go back through them and just revaluate some of the bars.

Any collaborations on the way, I know you had that tune with Mufasah.

He shouted me this morning and said he definitely want’s to do it. I roll as a team init so next time I do anything I want my team involved. To be honest, I don’t know how that’s gonna work but boi that’s how its gonna go.

In general, though, how do you feel about the industry and their push for the single?

I don’t think enough artists in the game are pushing my video. People are looking at me, and not sharing it but I see them on my story. I’m not going to get myself angry about that one still.

Is it because some are still reluctant to give respect to artists who blow from social media? ivermectin for horses used for humans

Yeah they might think I’m a joke because they don’t really know anything much about me init. I want this conversation to show them a bit more about me.

What’s one thing you want to say to them?

Yeah I’m going to say to the people one thing, if the whole world helps each other we won’t have worry about fucking money cause everyones tryna do something. If you are in the same game, you’re gonna see people in events. You’ve been on my story but you ain’t shared the thing, so what are you doing on my story then bruv. Certain man can’t chat to me you know when I go certain places. I don’t care if you have a bag of man, I’ve come here to do my thing.

Your getting the support from the fans though.

Yeah man I do it for passion this makes me happy. Going into the studio makes me smile. It’s not for women, it’s not for fame. It’s not for the money, it’s for the love of the music. If we were cavemen we would be digging words and writing 16 bars in stone.

That genuine love for music is refreshing. ivermectina en conejos

I reckon I can bring two artists together thats got a madness. Shoutout Mixtape Madness ! On this positive music thing I can bring artists together cause of my personality, and I’m talking from another spirit. This is another spirit you are talking to you, ya get what I’m saying.

How did you feel in regards to signing with the label? Did you feel like yeah, this is the right space, they’re gonna support me?

Well, I don’t think any record label fully supports them unless you personally know them like that. They know that I’m popping and I know I’MJUSTBAIT , he’s a good guy. I know him personally, but not everybody wants to help you like that most people want to help themselves out here.

What advice would you give new artists who aren’t sure whether to go with the label and independent route?

I would say keep going for several years, take some time out for yourself. Go and approach people face to face and show them what you got. What talents you’ve got and that you want to push your music because that’s what I done. I approached 30 people a day, three years and now I’ve got 110 million views on Tik Tok last time I checked.