In Talks With Rising Birmingham Newcomer Tugz on latest single “Nasty Drip”, His Journey So Far and More!

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

10 Jun 2021

“Energetic and Real”. Thriving Birmingham rapper Tugz joins Mixtape Madness in talks surrounding brand new single “Nasty Drip”. Unveiling a string of exciting releases, including “Bay Freestyle”, “Repeat” and “Latex”, Tugz constantly delivers his charismatic aura through captivating sounds of drill. Critically acclaimed by ‘Clash’ as an excelling a figure to watch, Tugz exceeds audiences expectations each and every time showcasing his desire to standout as different from others.

An evidently authentic and passionate individual, Tugz’s emphasis on the realness is visible throughout. Implementing original, innovative concepts into his music, Tugz unveils highly awaited single “Nasty Drip”. Demonstrating an instantly enjoyable jumpy flow, Tugz incorporates an immense energy-driven delivery throughout on a menacing drill-infused production by Yoz. With an artistry full of life and action Tugz sets the bar for many, talking on his journey so far in music and what’s yet to come!

Running it back from the beginning, what made you want to start making music?

Well, I officially started dropping music around 2 years ago, I wanted to start rapping from watching Channel U before school and things like that. I’d see man on there and think “Rah this looks hard bro, I wish I could do that” and then there was a few people from Brum in my area that were doing their thing. So, I thought to myself, I could do that. 

Would you say these artists influenced you to start rapping as well as other UK rappers? 

The thing is, with Brum there wasn’t many because it was early early stages of music so realistically, I wasn’t really watching them as they were most likely from my area, mandem kinda thing. But yeah, I listened to Giggs, Blade, Teflon people like that, heavy real rap music. 

Do you feel like growing up in Birmingham has had an impact on your music career being harder to make it out?

I wouldn’t say it’s harder, it is in a way but it isn’t. These days I feel like people from London are catching on to our sound a lot more. How we talk, our linguistics, things like that. We were chasing the London scene before but like now we’re building our own thing down here ourselves. So an extent yeah, but not really. 

I feel like the Birmingham scene has blown up a lot in the last few years.

Yeah Definitely! It has, it’s good to see. 

As an artist, what do you think you do differently from others to attract audiences? 

Just the realness, I know it sounds mad cliché but it’s real man trust me, it’s energetic. If you know me then you know what i’m saying is authentic! 

What made you wanna jump on to the drill sound if you said you grew up listening to Rap?

The impact it was giving to the scene. Before i did drill i use to rap so, remember being from Brum, i was kinda doing grime aswell. I was MC’ing so with drill having a similar BPM, it was kinda easy to pick up. We could just catch on to it straight away. It weren’t even a thing where we had to practice, so everything was quite simple. 

As of now, how would you describe your sound?

Energetic. Full of action, literally. I feel like when you hear me, you don’t know what to expect next. 

Especially in the drill scene, there’s so much music so you need to do something different to stand out… Do you feel like you receive the recognition you deserve? 

I feel like i do, from my supporters. A lot more needs to be done but if that’s the case, maybe i just need to work harder. It’s not like i’m not getting the recognition, i might need to put more music out for people to see. Apart from that i got a strong fan base, they support me heavy! 

Is your fanbase more Birmingham based or the whole of the UK? 

It’s all over but i don’t actually realise until i step out. I went to London not too long ago and people were stopping me and i was like “Huh” *laughs*. In Brum and around my area, city centre, it’s normal. When you start venturing out that’s when you started realising how big you actually are.

Out of all releases so far, which track do you think have you that initial exposure?

I’d say Bay Freestyle, from there everybody was fucking with me a lot. Then we did the tenpercent “Experience” track, with the mandem on it which was the breakout one. Everyone was like “These man are hard you know”. That one was organic, that’s my core people. 

I was prepared and ready, if anything other people’s nerves were brushing off on to me *laughs* i was trying to encourage the mandem and everyone was feeling all nervous. Apart from that tho we all fucked it up! Smashed it differently, shoutout Groundworks x10 man. 

What do you think of the scene right now as it stands? 

I think that the scenes good right now you know, i ain’t gonna lie. It’s healthy and it’s not even predominantly heavily based around big artists that’s being watched by everyone. There’s space for everybody now, of all ages. 

Talk me through your brand new single “Nasty Drip”! 

“ Yeah! Everybody lock in to that, lock in! *laughs* That’s just an energetic, full of action tune. That’s it. The mandems been fucking with that track for a while, so i thought to myself we need to drop it!” 

Do you feel like you executed the delivery for that song as you planned? 

Yeah yeah. Everyone likes it, it’s proper!

Are music visuals something that you appreciate and take seriously?

Yeah! Definitely. I feel like, from where we’re coming from me personally – i think we need to set ourselves separate from a lot of people because it’s a lot harder to get noticed. We’ve done all our block videos, so it’s time to separate ourselves and do something that the average person can see and think “Yeah that’s creative”. 

As you said the scene is healthy right now, is there any UK artists you’d like to collab with?

No one from the top of my head but anybody i think is hard, i’d be happy to collab with them! Mainly right now it’s straight Tenpercent. Me and the mandem are coming hard! 

You have a forthcoming mixtape approaching towards the end of the year, talk to me on your plans for that. 

That tape is gonna be heavy! Look out for that one. Different sounds, drill, rap, might catch a little bashment tune on there *laughs*, it’s not just gonna be your average drill tape. I’m trying to come for them a lot different. I want this mixtape to sound like an album, that’s how hard i want it to be. 

What’s can we expect from you up until the release of your mixtape? 

Im just going to be working, studio, filming visuals. I’m gonna be in people’s face.

What do you want to achieve from your music career in the long run? 

Just success. I want it to open up doors for other people around me. Everything’s organic where we come from, we’re a team so we gotta do it together. Even acting, i’ve always been interested in trying that out as well. Anything in the entertainment business i’m with, because the life we’re from – anything else that allows us to progress or improve life, is better.

Tap in to Tugz’s Instagram here to keep updated with all things music! “Nasty Drip” is out now and available to watch on YouTube and stream on all platforms!