In Talks With SB: “We’re starting to see females say ‘this is who I am, accept it’.”

Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

10 Feb 2022

Out of the concrete, a rose emerges and she goes by the name of SB.

The Tottenham rapper is nothing short of a trailblazing talent and she’s grounded; still only just getting started at showing the world her hand. Her glass-shattering ‘Off License’ debut made the perfect statement and has seen SB receive nods from fellow rap peers and coveted publications alike, who hail her as an artist to watch.

We caught up on a Thursday afternoon, ahead of her studio session, and I watched as she shed layers as we delved deeply into the makings of her identity. If you want to really get to know SB, read on as she speaks candidly about her incarceration experience, pursuing singing and rapping at different points of her life, musical therapy and self-confidence in a testing industry.

“You lay your truth out in your music. What was SB like back when you were doing time… was music always the plan?”

SB: No! Prior to going to jail, life was all over the place. In jail I was just keeping my head down, doing the time and I knew I was going. I went to court with my bag already packed. I brought a stereo and CDs with me because I knew music was going to get me through it. 

“Can I ask how long you did?”

SB: I did 2 years and 8 months. I got a 5 year and 4 months sentence.

“As you came to the end of your sentence, did writing bars and stuff begin to creep in?”

SB: I wasn’t writing bars but I had the influence in my ear. I was in there singing and rapping a little and people were telling me I should pursue it. I remember coming out and putting out a freestyle video – then life! ivermectin side effects guinea pigs vet Life hit again and then the pandemic. I used that time to reflect on what I wanted to do and here we are now.

“So, even if you didn’t recognise it at first, what was it that made your people push you to pursue music?”

SB: Let me take it back – as a kid, I wanted to be a singer so badly but as I got older, I lost self-confidence. During school, Grime and battle raps in the playground was the thing but life happens, and then things that you enjoy get put on the side. Jail was when I had a clear head again…

“From cells to press runs – congrats! Tell me about the whirlwind of 2021…”

SB: It was so scary because I’m a very private person. Doing this was understanding that I had to strip that layer of me away and be vulnerable which is still hard for me to do.

“I’ve watched you catch more fire! A lot of people cite you as ‘One To Watch’, does that make you wanna strip more away or is it pressure?”

SB: I don’t feel pressure, unless I’ve put it on myself. I feel like I’m extremely talented so it feels good to be recognised for that. 

“You’ve put out your debut mixtape at the peak of your rise, what were your thoughts going into making Off License?”

SB: It’s not conventional to put a project out so soon. I felt that there were a lot of people watching me and I wanted to show them that I need to be taken seriously. dosing of ivermectin in rats I wanted to show what I can do and I think I succeeded.

“I feel like you made the right move. I really appreciate that you kept Off License concise and versatile! Talk about making the songs”

SB: I recorded “New New” a while ago and I just needed Lavida’s [Loca] verse. I caught a vibe with “Outside” with a new producer, and it wasn’t my intention to put it on the project. “Is It Alright”… I got the beat and it just hit.

“We need a video for Is It Alright!! I wanna touch on New New – why did Lavida Loca get the call up?”

SB: She fit perfectly. It made so much sense because our styles are very similar and we come from similar backgrounds. Without her pushing for it, it probably wouldn’t be out. Everything I made prior was very relatable for men and I felt like boosting women with that one!

“I agree! On an influence level, what sort of music did you come up on?”

SB: Yeah, I was listening to those [trap] rappers. Coming up wanting to be a singer it was a lot of R&B, the Lauryn Hills…

“In your tracks you touch on your type… let’s get into that?”

SB: I just need real n*gga energy. Be very sure of yourself, be a leader and I need that because I feel like I’m also like that. I can’t have a weak man.

“Say that!! How’s that going for you?”

SB: Yeah…not too great. [laughs]

“When I listened to your “Intro” I thought it was deep… and then I got down to “I Remember”… do we need to unpack that?”

SB: Music is my therapy. When traumatic things happen, I lay it down and never want to talk about it again. It makes for cold bars though!

“When it comes to your artist identity, I feel like you’re [along with Lavida, Cristale, Shaybo etc] bringing through female rap that’s not necessarily polished and you’re leading a grittier sound… do you acknowledge that?”

SB: We’re in an industry where you have to sexualise yourself but I can’t portray something that I’m not. We’re starting to see females say ‘this is who I am, accept it’.

“You have quite an organic street appeal and years ago, I wasn’t seeing leading female talents be as raw. Where do you see that taking you?”

SB: I wanna be the best at what I do! There’s enough space for everyone and I hope that younger women see what I’ve gone through and feel represented because I’ve been able to do this.

“Right on. Is it different to come from ends and get into the music industry?”

SB: The industry experience isn’t too different from the life I live. If anything, I thought it’d be a bit more professional but everyone’s winging it, and that’s okay!

“What about building connections, how are you finding that aspect of things?”

SB: I let you know if you’re doing something I rate. I’m always bigging up the other rap girls and I feel no way to repost or whatever. ivermectin use for rosacea If you’re sick, I’ll jump on your ting – I don’t care about numbers.

SB: I want a back-to-back with Potter [Payper].

“Okay!!! – so someone outside of the UK???”

SB: I’m 100% reaching here – Kanye West! I want something produced by him and want him on it.

Run up Off License whilst you’re here and connect with SB right here!