Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

2 Dec 2021

Stevo the Madman is one of the most influential figures and influencers on social media today. Building an audience on Snapchat initially doing things not many people would – Stevo’s growth over the years has been huge. Now, we see him take to YouTube with Season 3 of his “Stevo The Dadman” series – and we had a chat with him about the series, family and life as a whole.

“Yes Stevo – how are you?”

“I’m good man. Life is good – busy but good”.

“So tell me – why season 3 now?”

“We had a little break and reformed. We have a new format on the channel now called Bizarre Britain – we were trying to figure that out – but now we’re cracking on man. Leah’s doing driving lessons with me now, they are getting older – it brings a new dynamic to the series”.

“Your kids ae heavily involved with the series – what do they think about it?”

“They love it mate. Especially Erin – she watches like all of them on repeat on the YouTube channel and she gets a lot of the jokes. She’s there for a lot of the production so when she watches it back she still gets it and laughs. But yeah, they love it man. Hopefully we can grow it a lot more and we can travel – I’m excited to see where everything goes”.

“And what does your Mrs think about the series as a whole, besides not finding as much entertainment in your humour?”

“She supports me bro – but there’s so many times when we’re going into production and they don’t know what’s gonna happen – so sometimes we get to the punchline or joke of the episode and she just says no. I was going to do a repapering in Erin’s bedroom of palm trees as the the wallpaper decoration – but I was going to paint it as a d**k and balls just to wind her up. She saw the script and she said no – not having that. She’s put a lot stop to a lot of things I’ve wanted to do. She cleans the mess up so she doesn’t rate it. But it’s mutual bro they do things to me as well man”.

“She must’ve loved it when you got zapped by the pregnancy vest then haha?”

“Yes. That was not fair though cause when I start screaming they are meant to stop. They are evil. Mummy should’ve grounded them then but she didn’t. They get there own back on me all the time. I don’t feel bad though they get me back all the time”.

“The ideas are genius – but how do you think of them? I mean, an owl in your daughter’s bedroom? Where do you even get an owl from bro?”

“That was a guy named Trevor Smith. He used to do a show on the BBC back in the day. He’s got all the animals. Giraffes, camels. He had a camel but he used that for Jack Fowler’s video shoot – I wanted a giraffe to come to my house but just before it was due to come it passed away man”.

“Where were you going to put the Giraffe?”

“Imagine girl’s wake up and there’s a giraffe at the window. That’s all I could think about – what they would think when they woke up and looked out the window. The owl story though – I wanted the owl for me. When I was at school, all the other kids took a picture of an owl but my mum wouldn’t let me know. “I’m not paying £26 with you to go to the forest”. I was like Mum there’s no forest in Enfield that have owls in it – and as I said that an owl flew past the bedroom window, imagine that. I won’t go too deep into it because I want you guys to watch it”.

“Was that your favourite episode of season three or did you have another favourite episode?”

“That would probably have to be when I got my bellybutton pierced. Leah was gong to get her bellybutton pierced but I’d already told her that she couldn’t have it done. But she’d already paid for it and I didn’t want to waste the money so I was like I’ll go get mine done. But like so much happens over a short space of time sometimes that I forget the episodes that we have done but I like them all man. The whole season is my favourite – getting to film with my family”.


“What inspired you to create the series?”

“Just for laughs man. I wish I used to operate on Snapchat but this series being out on YouTube now it was a way to kind of harness all the content and document the content into actual videos that we could go and enjoy the fruits of our labour – I did 3 years with no days off. It was to do the same but in a controlled environment. I’m just here to have a laugh, support the girls and yeah that’s it man. Who knows where it can go as well.”

“Obviously it’s a bit mad cause I’m still a yout – growing up at my school everyone would have you snapchat story on their phones and when you did mad stuff it would go round the playground quickly”.

“Amazing. I like the fact that all thte youngsters have gone from teenagers into young men into men / women. That’s sick man”.

“What do you think is the maddest thing you have ever done?”

“What is the maddest thing I’ve done, I don’t know. I got a tattoo on my face to try and stop my kids getting tattoo – it almost ended up semi permanent. I potty trained Erin in the front room. I’ve done a lot of bad things haha. Top 3 things I’d have to say the bellybutton piercing, potty training Erin in the front room and the tattoo”.

“Have you ever made episodes that don’t go to plan and don’t come out?”

“Nah bro. The show always goes on. We find a way.”

“I’m going to end on a bit of a mad question here. What is the meaning of life?”

“Wow bro. For me, it’s just about living life to your full potential – and if you do that you’ll find a purpose and then after you do that you fulfil it. Continue whatever you follow if that be a God, the universe – they will reward you. Try and live life to your fullest – find your purpose and fulfil it”.

“Thank you for joining me I appreciate your time bro”.

“No worries man. Keep going. Your a young man in this game – keep going”.

Produced by Objket Films, you can now watch Season 3 of Stevo the Dad Man below on YouTube.