In Talks With The Drillogram Entrepreneur: Drilly T

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

3 Mar 2021

Now, if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months you will have recognized Drilly T from a casual scroll down your Twitter or Instagram feed, who’s appearance on the BBC Three show ‘Famalam’ caught the attention of many.

Taking the increasing popularity of Drill and placing it into a comedic sketch that’s aired to the masses worked perfectly for Drilly T when he discovered the – fairly new and unknown world – of Drillograms. Through greeting clients with a customized message, the London native has filled a unique gap in the market that many across the nation have appealed to; with the aim to create the next big “Happy Birthday” song, Drilly T recently took to the UK Rap game with his official – and infectious – track.

Following the release of his latest music video “Drillogram (Who’s the Birthday Girl?)”, we caught up with Drilly T and asked him the following, tap in below!

Firstly, how have you been? How have you been finding this pandemic?

I’ve been blessed and highly favoured, my G. It’s been a techy one, not gonna lie. It’s affected a few bookings. But my sector has mostly stayed recession proof. Every day there’s a birthday, you see it?

So, you’ve become the face of Drillograms – tell us a bit more about how your idea to create this business came about?

Drillogram started out of necessity. Man saw a hole in the market, so man had to plug it. I’ve always been close to the plug anyway… and this venture has allowed me to go global and take my people with me which is a plus!

What has been your stand-out request so far? Which one has stuck with you the most…

The Yinka Bokinni request was a special one for man cause she’s one of my South side Gs get me? I love it when people from the South link up.

How do you go about creating your Drillograms – what’s your creative process like?

It’s a pretty simple formula really. I find out who the participants are, who their family members are, and I pattern it around that. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Who are your favourite Drill artists?

I’m a big fan of Bandokay and all of the OFB movement, obviously Headie One – that’s the Drill father! 67 and Unknown T, too many to name really…Digga D!

Okay so let’s talk about your debut single! What made you want to release this as an official release? I hear you’re aiming to make it the official birthday song of 2021!

Drillogram is a special tune and at this point I think we’re kind of bored of the traditional “Happy Birthday” ting. I just figured that part of the game needed a shake up. Once clubs open back up we need this tune to bang out while they bring out cake and sparklers for the Birthday Girl.

You even got Ivorian Doll and Remel London involved – how did these come about?

The IVD and Remel connects came organically – they saw the vision and wanted to participate – hold tight dem gal there. Blessed to have them popping up and supporting man!

What else can we expect to see from Drilly T this coming year?

More Drillograms and more bangers, lets leave it at that!

Keep up to date with Drilly T via his Instagram here.