In Talks With The Genre-Defying Songstress Phoenix Laoutaris!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

8 Mar 2021

Hailing from a small historic town in Devon named Totnes, is the rising songstress Phoenix Laoutaris who’s debut single “Flowers” alongside the reputable label WEAREBLK, caught the attention of many. Through infusing her luxurious tone and butter-like approach in with a skittering Drill instrumental, the 19 year-old has swiftly generated a lane of her own that sets her apart from others in the scene.

Now residing in London and balancing both her music career in with University life, Phoenix grew up in a relatively musical household; her mother a violinist and her father a multi-instrumentalist – it was only natural for the budding talent to set her eyes on the vibrant realm of music. Throughout lockdown, Imjustbait ran a series of Instagram lives that enabled various artists from across the globe to showcase there talent in front of thousands of people and in turn win a small fee and exposure…one of which was Phoenix. Letting the music speak for itself, thousands watched in awe as she took centre stage with her captivating performanceand won may I add! Since then, Phoenix Laoutaris has signed to the WEAREBLK label and made quite the impression!

We caught up with the rising songstress for a chat about her introduction to music, her journey thus far and more. Tap in below to see what she had to say!

Firstly, how have you been?

I think it’s been a mad fluctuation between happy and sad. At this point I have definitely been in a very good place mentally but then along side it all we cant go out and see our friends and do the normal things that keep us sane, so there is a frustration that comes with it.

The past year has been challenging for many reasons, how have you found the past year as an artist?

Again there’s negatives and positives. I mean for me personally I’m thankful that this past year has kept me moving and I’ve been able to go to the studio release my first single and still meet people but in the grand schemes of things it’s been difficult really, not being able to perform is a huge thing. Even before I got signed I would enjoy going out with my speaker and microphone and busking on the street. Now I’ve moved up to London and have started university I want to be experiencing everything to the fullest and as young artists we have been stripped from all the things that we enjoy.

So, you grew up in a market town in Devon! Paint us a picture of what this was like? How did you discover your love for music?

I would never change where I grew up. The adventures I had, running through fields building dens and swinging from ropes in trees, To jumping in rivers! Honestly the best childhood. However as you grow older you see the same faces, hear the same stories and get wrapped up in unnecessary drama. So I really did need to get out in the world. A big downside to Devon for me was the lack of culture and London seemed the perfect place for me to come.

Were there any artists or genres you would lean towards when growing up that could have arguably helped to shape your sound?

Growing up I have always listened to a wide range of music from reggae to Latin to grime to classical. I think coming from a big family and being the youngest you take on everyone’s tastes and styles. My siblings music taste definitely influenced me, with RnB, Hip-Hop and Garage being the main genres. But in terms of who has influenced my sound the most I would say, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, Ms Dynamite, Maverick Sabre, Lily Allen and Stevie Wonder.

Let’s talk about your rise to prominence then! I think your story is one in which many would dream of happening! So, you joined Imjustbait’s IG live and performed your song “Flowers”…

Funnily enough I originally wrote flowers to a jazzy sort of beat, I hadn’t completed the song on that instrumental but that day Lewis (lupebeats) hit me up with a Drill beat and as soon as I put my lyrics on top of it, it was like the whole song came flooding to me. So I wrote it all down and called my brother to show him. As soon as I finished the song my bro looked at me and was like “Phe you’ve written a banger” I had a good feeling about this song, also because I knew I meant every word in it. All of it was from my experience and it really did turn something horrible into something beautiful.

With only one song out, which by the way is doing really well so you’ve already made quite the entrance! In only hearing a snippet of your sound so far, where do you see your sound going in the coming years?

I’d like to think that I have combined all the music that I love to listen to. My plan is to write a big Soul / Jazz song that is a challenge for me to sing but hits emotion in all the right places.

Who have you been listening to recently? Any artists in particular that you are feeling?

Always listening to different music but Brent Faiyaz has been on loop recently. I also just came across this girl called Bel Cobain and I love her vibe and voice.

What else can we expect to hear from you this coming year?

Some collaborations, more solo tunes and my debut EP so stay locked! 

Keep up to date with all things Phoenix Laoutaris via her Instagram here.