[INTERVIEW] LaRose meets Lemzi [@Lemziartist] [@LashawnaRose]

Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

3 Aug 2015

As I go through new experiences, I try to incorporate them into my own music” … LEMZI is a  rapper from Leytonstone, East London who is highly inspired by Hip-Hop and Grime music.

The first question I asked Lemzi was, “How would you describe yourself as an artist?” He used the word ‘developmental’. Bringing essences from Hip-Hop, Grime and the depths of Jazz and blues. Immediately this proved to me that Lemzi is not placing himself in any boundaries or categories , it’s obvious that he has no limits.

Lemzi found an interest for writing and rapping at the age of 9, however he expressed to me that at this time his raps had no technical ability. He then went on to talk about himself at the ages of 13/14 when he began writing his first songs and not knowing what to do with them and that he only started recording properly in the last few years. As many people believe persistence is key. Undoubtedly Lemzi was patient and very persistence from the age of 9 from when he first found his beauty in music.

Fan of the Script, Alicia Keys and Coldplay, Lemzi is open to all genres of music. Whilst always attempting to grasp a touch of each sound in his own music. One of my questions for Lemzi was about the difficulty of finding his own sound. He revealed to me that his sound has changed greatly, not only with recording experience but by truly listening to music has helped him find his voice. Lemzi feels that he has an ‘Old Skool Hip-Hop’ sound, with his own finishing touch attached.

‘No Place Like Home’ is a track with a music video (directed by Samiira Garane),from Lemzi’s song ‘Worldliness’ off his mixtape ‘LemziFreeBies Vol IV: A Few Words (All For Won)’. The song is about a household in turmoil, with a highly abusive father who is consistently intoxicated and relies greatly on narcotics, a pregnant mother who is adamant on raising her child with a father despite the way he treats her and her son who wishes to escape himself, his mother and soon to be  baby sister from the abuse.                                                                                

  “I enjoy writing stories, typically very melancholy ones, but I’m working on the happy endings at the moment!” Lemzi’s story telling is very detailed and I love this!  ‘No Place Like Home’ is only 1/3 of his track ‘Worldliness’ however the complete track is a masterpiece, creating another world for the listeners to enter.

Inspired by Ed Sheeran’s grind and bringing a different approach of music to the industry Lemzi is constantly educating himself and reflecting his various amounts of knowledge through his music.

Finally I asked Lemzi when did he fall in love with music. He said that when he first heard Eminem rapping he realised that he “really liked” music. From this he began listening to 50 Cent, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and more, until he started secondary school where began listening to and become hooked on grime music.

Lemzi shows knowledge, skill and imagination within his music, these qualities are what many artist lack. Check him out and my two personal favourite tracks ‘Flawless (Celebrate)’ and ‘Saxophone (Can You Hear This)’  on his tape ‘LemziFreeBies Vol IV: A Few Words (All For Won)’ … I love his voice on up-tempo tracks!