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Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

26 Jul 2015

Here at Mixtape Madness we are massive fans of Jae Crack so lets find out what happened when he met up with the wonderful LaRose.

“I just really want to create a lane” …JAE CRACK is a music producer from North London. When asked to describe himself in a few words he said “innovative, outside the box, grey area and risky”. I then questioned his term ‘grey area’ and asked him to explain what it meant, he broke it down and told me that it is about not following trends and to more go against them. I liked this.

Jae Crack has been taking producing seriously for nearly two years now and has spoken to me about some of his huge projects and ideas. We conversed on the topic of how he started producing, he said that when he was in school, a few guys started rapping and he was the only non rapper of his group he then decided that maybe he should give them something to rap to, which lead him to creating beats on Hip-Hop Ejay, “and it was horrible”.

I questioned Jae on the type of artist he likes to create music for. I asked him this because I personally think that producers should be extremely picky with who they decided to work with, simply because its their art too. I have this same very strong opinion with songwriters also. Jae Crack told me that he creates music for artist who are willing to try something new, for those who have a story to tell and for people who like creating.

Surprisingly Jae Crack expressed to me that producing hasn’t become an outlet for him, he feels this because very few people have been able to hear him, yet and believes that once they do hear him then they will have to accept it. I loved when Jae said this because he came across as very unapologetic, his mentality was declared to me as ‘this is my art, you can love it or hate it, but I won’t change it’, and I think that this frame of mind is dope.

I went on to talk about his track ‘Nygma’ and questioned him on his concept for the track. The idea stemmed from Edward Nygma, The Riddler from Marvels Gotham (clearly a Marvel fan), Jae says he has more tracks that may be named after Marvel characters and that he wanted this track to be perfect for his first piece released on Soundcloud.

As I always do, I asked Jae Crack what he is trying to bring to the industry. “I’m just trying to bring something different from a producers stand point”, Jae thinks that too many producers are afraid to venture out from whats considered the norm, however he doesn’t want to be boxed in like everyone else.

Inspired by conversation lead to Jae and I spoke for hours, giving me insight on exactly what he is bringing. His plans and ideas are limitless and he is not relying on anyone but himself and his art to be successful. I really appreciate Jae Cracks art for this.

“I just really want to create a lane that shows that producers don’t have to rely on artists”, this is Jae Crack’s greatest aspiration and it is perfect. Believing strongly in your sound is all that musicians need to do and from there everything else comes naturally. Jae Crack believes in his sound.

Finally I asked Jae when he fell in love with producing. He said about two years ago when he realised that he doesn’t have to do what everyone else is doing and once he felt that he didn’t have to be conditioned like other producers he began falling in love with creating.

Jae Crack was great to talk to and I believe immensely in his art, I can’t want for him to share it with the world.

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