Jamal Edwards In Depth With Logan Sama

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

29 Mar 2017

Logan Sama steps in for DJ Target and interviews Jamal Edwards. 10 years of SBTV is testimony to the phenomenal work Jamal Edwards has done for the UK urban music industry.

Truly inspirational interview that looks into his humble beginnings recording videos on his phone whilst working in Topman. To going onto collaborating with Topman to launch snapbacks and chilling with SBTV in Cannes.

Epic visuals from ranging from Ed Sheeran to Skepta, from F64s to A64s to Warm Sessions. His accolades include hosting the first ever social media event at Buckingham Palace in 2014, receiving £8m of investment from Miroma, partnerships with Google promoting Chrome and later Apple Music to curate music playlists. Receiving an MBE to shutting down various stages at music festivals such as Bestival. Campaigned for various charities including Comic Relief, Teenage Cancer Trust and Calm. Successfully diversifying his portfolio and opened a yogurt and health-food chain. Massive partnership with the Press Association and SBTV is rapidly approaching 1 billion views!!

Last year was testing for Jamal as he supported his courageous mother overcome breast cancer.