Kwengface Talks Comparisons With Zone 2 Members, Quitting Music, Twix And More

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

8 Oct 2019

Being one of the biggest names in the Drill scene and hailing from Peckham’s legendary Zone 2 group. Kwengface has proved himself time and time again, known for his impeccable and athletic flows alongside his cold use of wordplay and lyricism. Kwengface signed to Da BeatFreakz records earlier on this year, featured on the Bally Remix alongside the likes of Swarmz, Jaykae, Geko and 23 Unofficial as well as dropping a cold Fire In The Booth on Apple Music’s Beat’s 1 and more, Kwengface is preparing to drop more music for the streets soon.

With the recent release of his brand new hard hitting single Twix which gained over a quarter of a million views in its first week, I caught up with Kwengface and asked him a few questions about all things music. 

E: Taking it back to the start, what drove you to want to do music? Was it something you’ve always been into?

K: I was never really into music at the start. I used to ghostwrite for a lot of the mandem until a few of them actually motivated me to go studio and record a track.

E: You are a member of legendary group Zone 2, how do you feel when people compare you to other members of Zone 2?

K: It gets annoying at times because we’re a group. I dislike the fact people try to rank us top to bottom when we all have our own personal traits. Every one has their favourite artist so I’m not really with the comparison stuff.

E: Last year you announced that you were going to quit music. Were there any particular reasons as to why you felt this way?

K: That was a rumour that was circulating because I hadn’t released any music in a while.

E: You’ve recently signed to Da BeatFreakz Records! Was it important for you to sign to DBF or was it an opportunity that was handed to you?

K: It was important because I was independent already doing well for myself, so it was only right that I joined forces with DBF.

E: A lot of supporters were waiting on the release of Twix and has since gained an insane amount of views in the last week! You did some good promo beforehand haha! What was the process like behind the making of Twix?

K: I was at a studio session with the producer Sapphire, buzzing and I needed something to keep me going during the session. Bought myself two packets of Twix and had them in my passenger seat, went back to the studio and laid down the verse.

E: You also recently performed at Charlie Sloth’s Fire In The Park which looked sick! What was that like to hear the response for Twix?

K: It was lit still. The crowd was crazy. Throwing Twix in the crowd really had them going!!

E: Drill has grown to be one of the most popular genres within the U.K. but has also faced controversy. What are your opinions on this? Do you feel limited in any way as an artist?

K: The stigma that the genre has received has made things harder for a lot of artists and groups. Some of us can’t do shows, some of us can’t be in our own areas so it’s hard.  I believe it will get to a point where it’ll be appreciated for its pure rawness.

E: Whats the ultimate goal for you with music?

K: G.O.A.T Status.

E: Is there anymore we can keep our eyes out for? More music or a project maybe?

K: Should have a project for the streets soon… You’ll find out…