Lashawna Rose Stewart

By Lashawna Rose Stewart

Lashawna Rose Stewart

2 Oct 2015




“I write the soul of songs and I sing the heart of words”… V LOVE is a singer,songwriter with a majorly captivating sound and soul, one like no other.

At the beginning of my conversation with V Love I learnt that she began singing and playing the guitar at the age of 11 however she clearly states that she is a songwriter first and becoming an artist came second.

‘Love and Drive’ was one of the first songs that I heard of V Love’s and I wanted to know the concept behind the track. Inspired by American singer Jhene Aiko, V wanted to add her very own personal perspective. “Love itself can sometimes be toxic and it messes with the functions of your general life”. What I like about V Love is that her music is timeless and and every song evokes feelings, memories and stories.

V Love - #Amateur - Tracklist3

V Love recently released her EP ‘#AMATEUR’ and kindly invited me to her listening party at Jukebox Recording Studios. The evening was shared with great vibes and very cool people.

V started by expressing the reasoning behind the name for her EP. Originally called ‘Unmastered’ V Love voiced to her audience that during the process of creating the EP she realised how much of an amateur she was, however I beg to differ as I hear no imperfections.

#Amateur consist of 6 songs:

  • Candyfloss
  • Furniture
  • Neighbourhood
  • D.C.M.S
  • Ageless
  • Finish Line

My favourite songs on the EP are ‘Furniture’ and ‘Neighbourhood’. Furniture is relatable to everyone referring to the common subjects of Love and War without being boy meets girl cliche and ‘Neighbourhood’ creates a honest, deep and real atmosphere of how one can be feeling in all types of different personal situations.

V Love’s writing is phenomenal, her ability to articulate songs that then create visions for her listeners to see in their minds once they hear her voice is beautiful. I like describe to V Love as a piece of art, this is because when I first heart V sing it was just a 15 second snippet on Instagram and I was immensely engaged from the start, as the month passed since then I have watched V perform several times and now release her amazing EP #Amateur. V Love’s art grows.

I asked V Love when did she fall in love with music, she said that it was when her cousin played a really funny song, “it was about women trying to tell men, you know, you ain’t going to get my panties”, V Love fell in love with the fun aspect of the song and the idea that through music you can tell any story in a unique way.

To download #AMATEUR – www.welovevlove.com