Leanne Robinson meets Bibi


By BiBi


2 Oct 2012

Mixtape Madness were graced with the presence of the beautiful songstress Leanne Robinson. She’s made waves on X-Factor and we are loving her EP Exhibit A so we’re taking it back, breaking barriers to find out destiny’s child, Leanne’s story and whether she has recovered from her last love. Check out what happened when Leanne ran away with Bibi.

1.How would you describe your music?

My music is expressive and passionate. I like to convey strong messages and concepts. The sound is rooted in soul and gospel; where I draw my inspiration from and then to support that, I incorporate elements of RnB and Pop.

2.Tell us about the New EP ‘Exhibit A’ ?

Exhibit A is a small introduction to me as an artist. It’s a collection of songs, some which are very new and others that I’ve written some time ago. It’s simply a taster to my sound and really is mainly to get people’s opinions on my music and me as an artist.

3.How do you start to write a song? Like lyrics first/melody first? Every artist has their own way-what’s yours?

What ever comes to me first is what I start with. Sometimes it will be a lyric, or even just a word. I find I get inspired by things I read, (I love books) and a word or sentence may jump out at me and that will then inspire a song. Other times I may hear a melody in my head or from another source and build on that. Inspiration has no set way. It comes in many forms, shapes and sizes.

4.You’re very well known on the UK live event scene, but for people who don’t know you- what can they expect from a Leanne Robinson performance?

The two P’s… Passion & Power. I like people to feel every note, every line and every word.

5.Do you have a favourite gig/performance? What made it special to you?

My 19th birthday. I done a gig in South London, and all my nearest and dearest friends were there, and they gave me a standing ovation and all I can remember is crying my eyes out on stage. Just to feel their love and support was so overwhelming.

6.Who are/were your influences growing up till now?

Growing up, and today, my influences stem from; Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald, Prince…. The list is endless, but these are a few of my main influences.

7.What other UK artists do you rate?

At the moment, UK artists that REALLY have my attention are; Emeli Sande and Lianne La Havas. Their music is just soulful and real. They’ve taken music right back to the heart and that’s what I love about them both. It’s all about the music!

8.What’s your take on the UK urban music scene underground Vs mainstream? What do you think the main hurdles/obstacles are?

Underground and mainstream are two completely different worlds and that’s something artists on the underground need to know, understand and accept. When it comes to the mainstream, in most cases, there is a certain criteria and if you don’t fit it, then most labels won’t look at you twice. The good thing about the underground is, there is power in the people. If you can get enough support and excitement around you on the underground, the mainstream will begin to look at you. Quite a few artists such as; Tinie, Wretch 32, Ed Sheeran have managed to do this, and break the mainstream mould.
So I guess the biggest hurdle for any underground artist is first, getting the mainstream to notice you and secondly, getting them to believe enough in what you’re doing to offer a helping hand.

9.What 3 words would you use to describe your journey so far, as an unsigned artist?

Exciting, Emotional and Educational

10.Are you allowed to talk about your X Factor experience?

Yes! lol

11.If so, what made you audition?

If I told you the full story, we’d be here for a VERY LONG time but, the long and short is, some very close friends and family encouraged me into auditioning for X Factor. Initially, I was invited by one of their scouts, but when I first got the invitation, I turned it down. So after a lot of arguments and tears, I ended up going.

12.How did u find the initial (Un-televised) process?

It was a very stressful, emotional and draining process. There was a lot of waiting around, which just gave you time to worrying and build up anxiety. There was a lot of early mornings and travelling and so I guess, it was the perfect introduction to the life of a super star.

13.How did u find performing in front a huge audience and Judges for the Televised auditions?

After I got over the initial nerves, I loved every minute of it. It felt like home, and just confirmed that being on a stage is where I belong, and that I would live every single day of my life this way, if given the opportunity.

14.What’s next for you? Where can we catch you performing etc??

I’ll be doing a lot of promotion for the EP and the performance dates will be coming along shortly so to keep up with that, keep a watchful eye on Leanne.Robinson.com where all the updates you need will be there.

Facebook: leanne.rmusic
Twitter: @LeanneRmusic
Website: Leanne Robinson

Interviewed by Bibi Cofie

Twitter: @BeeeCeeee

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