Mad About… Ajet 2F

Hollie May

By Hollie May

Hollie May

23 Feb 2023

Fresh on the scene is a young budding artist hoping to have his name known by many, solely by sharing his life experiences through high-quality music. Ajet 2F has recently released his debut single ‘Ride with 1’ which is proclaimed to be a positive drill track, and the artist hopes to inspire other individuals similar to himself to stay focussed on their goals and retain mental positivity!

What was originally a viral freestyle is now currently sitting at 1M views on TikTok and hit 1M streams on Spotify before it was unfortunately removed. His now official debut drill track showcases his lyrical talent, creativity, and passion. ‘Ride with 1’ has a sense of honesty, where the artist expresses himself transparently whilst maintaining relatability within the genre.

Let’s tap in with Ajet 2F and discover more about the making of this sure to be a smash, debut hit.

Drill and positivity are not necessarily two words people would put in the same sentence. It does however like all music allows people to communicate their thoughts and share their life experiences. Do you feel you represented your story within the track in a positive manner?

Music is a way people express their experiences, for me, I listen to many different types of music and hear many stories and life experiences. This song was an opportunity to share my life story and the things that are important to me. I can appreciate all perspectives of life, and I am inspired by listening to people’s stories. This is what has helped me to progress on this path today.

Ride with 1 is paired with confident and bright visuals. Was this your goal? Or did this come naturally to you?

This was my first music video, I wanted to share my experience with friends and enjoy it. It wasn’t necessarily a strategic idea, however, I kept within my artist brand with the blue colours but other than that I just wanted to enjoy myself and bring as much energy as possible.

I was definitely true to myself in the video, I feel I represented how it is to be a newcomer in the industry too.

‘Ride with 1’ has been branded as an ‘Inspirational Drill track’, Is this potentially an opportunity to spin the genre on its head? Where advice, discipline, and focus are projected more frequently.
Can you see or would you like to encourage Drill to head in this direction?

This is not something I set out to catch on to as I am solely speaking from personal experiences. Where people have had more negative experiences it is still important for them to be able to share their stories through music. I do believe the most positive aspect to come from this is to show artists that they can create great music which can stem from positive experiences, and that’s not to be frowned upon. Hopefully, this encourages people to share their positive stories.

Although you make it clear, your persona is not stereotypical of the music you have released, how do you propose to make an impact on such a competitive and distinguished industry?

My goal is to create excellent quality music regardless of the story or genre. I am open to experimenting with different genres of music, potentially fusing sounds together. I do want to perfect any sound I venture into and be known for that specific sound. In the future, I would like to step into creating melodies. I want to distinguish myself and my sound from other people all whilst maintaining high-quality music.

AJet 2F on his home turf.
Although TikTok and social media have super boosted the careers of many artists, it is also something that can be short-lived and superficial. How do you plan to avoid this and continue to grow?

I do not want to be boxed into the category of a ‘TikTok’ artist, I want social media to be a leverage and a beneficial tool for me as opposed to being responsible for my growth. However not using social media to market your music and brand can potentially limit development, especially in this day and age.

I have partially been introduced into the industry through TikTok freestyles etc although I do not want that to be attached to everything I create and put my mind to. I want my music to have substance and longevity.

You have mentioned how Roddy Rich has brought you inspiration, Is there anyone else that inspires you? Any previous and present artists that have encouraged you to reach your potential?

Music was not always my dream. Although I wouldn’t say my life has been heavily influenced by many artists, musically there are many that have inspired me. Dave and Headie One to name a few are some of the artists whose music I can truly appreciate, learning what has worked for them, how they have become successful, how they can create music enjoyed by many and applying this to myself and my music.

What artists do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

I want to work with Tino, I think he is a sick artist. Shakes is also an artist I am looking to make music with this year. There are too many artists for me to mention although I am keen to discover more artists and be open to various sounds and network with a variety of people.

Do you have any goals for the year ahead, Is there anything exciting you can share with us?

This year for me is about developing myself as an artist and being consistent. I want to build on my name more and reach a wider audience. I want to focus on the immediate barriers we have ahead of us. This year I hope to drop a few singles and experiment with my sound more to see what works for me.

What advice would you give people in a similar situation to yourself, who are wanting to make something of themselves? And how do you remain focussed?

For me, if I wasn’t pursuing music I would be investing in an academic career, most likely Maths. It’s wild because what I study is a whole world away from music and being creative and I do still have my place in University but now music has taken the focus. Music is definitely my dream career now.

My advice would be to know what you want to get out of pursuing music, whether this is short or long-term, this will stop distractions that may prevent you from achieving your goals. I think it’s important to always remain true to yourself and speak your story only. No one else’s. That will be your biggest flex and selling point.

Be different and separate yourself from the crowd, whether negative, positive, complicated, relateable or not it’s so valuable for yourself and your career to communicate truthfully through music.