Mad About… Sharky Major!

Hollie May

By Hollie May

Hollie May

16 Nov 2022

We’ve caught up with OG Grime trailblazer Sharky Major after the release of his latest drop ‘Baddest’. The track is a sneak peak of his Grime Originals upcoming album, which we’ve been told is set to feature some hot new talent alongside the legends of Grime. Come join us as we delve into the early beginnings of the scene, his participation in the Grime pioneers NASTY Crew collective and Sharky’s own thoughts of what the exemplary genre has been and will become!

Lets get into it!

I decided that I had spent a long time in the industry and I wanted to branch out into events. 2016 I made the decision to crack on with my dreams. I initially hired out a space in Dalston that could only accommodate for around 150 people, I didn’t think it was going to be big enough! Then after the first event I had great feedback and knew I was onto something special so I ran with it monthly, upgrading to bigger and better venues. We jammed it out and discovered what would be the initial home of Grime Originals, Fire Night club in Vauxhall.

Grime is a genre that blew up many rappers that have carved the UK music scene into what it is today. Who are those particular pioneers for yourself? And how do you feel Grime has impacted the music we hear today?

A lot of the music we hear today has definitely been heavily influenced by Grime. Some people are fully aware of its influence whilst others are not aware at all. I started off around artists such as Wiley, Lethal Bizzle, Kano, Ghetts. The originals of the first wave of Grime artists, I was amongst them.

RIP my brother Stormin, whom I set up NASTY Crew with. It was during the back end of the Garage era when we were already doing what is now known as Grime, years down the line people have become millionaires built off the genre and its successes. Today we have artists like Stormzy for example who represent Grime currently as well as Ghetts. Present Drill music is heavily influenced by Grime, most flows are so similar.

Speaking for myself and others of my time, we did not know how far it was going to go, we just found a new love and hobby. We never realised we was paving the way for the future. Sets in Bedrooms, Pirate radio, house parties, anywhere you could test out your skills, you would. Even though I say back in the day, I am definitely still young in the game.

Some may argue that Grime has had its day and the take over of Drill and new wave rap is what has become… yet some call for its come back. Where do you see the sound progressing over the next few years?

Every genre has its peak. You can go way back before Grime, even genres that are not considered urban, for example pop chart music. The music people loved the most then, now isn’t necessarily the favourite. I do feel every genre will have it’s moment and then a more influential sound will take over. Now its Drill, before it was Rap and heavy influence from American artists, however Grime will forever be a UK grown genre. There will always be people who will love and respect it, the events are still packed and popping, true fans will always tap into the scene.

At Grime Originals events we see such a variety of people, young and old. It is sick to me, it really shows how much love there is for Grime.

Now let’s talk about your own experiences within the music industry, can you reflect on your first performance or any core memories for you as an artist?

When NASTY Crew was first formed we didn’t know then that we was going to become the UK’s sickest Grime collective, the argument was NASTY Crew or Roll deep, who was the best crew?

You’ve got all these names, Myself, Stormin, D Double E, Ghetts, Jammer, Kano, Footsie, Nasty Jack. All these people that formed one collective that can do great things individually too. We were pace setters. I am massively proud, as well as the formation of Grime Originals. Sometimes I wish I did it all sooner!

Roll deep was sick as well!

Baddest was released at the start of October featuring Big Narstie, LV General, Rippz and yourself through the Grime Originals platform. The single ticks every box to get people moving and has great energy, though the beat isn’t necessarily of a typical grime nature. What was the evolution of the track?

A Grime Originals album is in the process as we speak. We have a range of different sounds but all in touch with Grime, we want to show the versatility of the genre. If you take a look back there was excited to smooth beats or calm to heavy. If you understand the genre, along with the lyrics, approach and subject matter it very much stays true to us.

Tell us more about the visuals for Baddest, was there any inspiration around the direction or just straight vibes?

Have fun whilst maintaining high quality. I feel like sometimes people are in such a rush. I wanted to showcase it as a whole. Nice girls, nice venue. We achieved that.

We have seen projects, events, pop ups, music videos and so much more from Grime Originals, even a clothing brand. What is next in line for the brand as well as yourself? Potential Collaborations?

Ill be honest, I can only release the names you are already aware of. See LV General was a wild card, people may not know him from Grime. He is a comedian and YouTuber, yet after his freestyle on our platform which you can watch on our website truly shows he has a hidden talent. We wanted to think outside the box, hitting all demographics.

Although most is hidden for now I can guarantee there is a lot of Legends from the scene as well as rising talent featured on our upcoming album. Although for now we are getting a lot of love on the track, all over UK radio stations. Big up everyone supporting us.

Are there any new comers/current UK artists you can hear or see yourself within or relate to?

A couple. Some that are fresh and some that have been around for a while. Huskz– he’s my little brother. Recently he dropped a BBC 1Extra introducing track of the week, ‘Get Wid It‘ with a music video linked up via Mixtape Madness, check that out. I manage another artist named Tommy B, he’s been around for a while in the Grime circuit and is very versatile, coming through with a new album due in early 2023. Check out K9 Major too! MajorMuzik Ent is my music label and management agency. They’re all cold and at different stages of their career. I also want to call out a Grime MC called Duppy he has Authentic old school energy.

To finish, how do you want to see Grime make a come back? Will we ever see Grime in its original form again?

We are adapting and it will adapt. However, if you go too far left it will start to lose its true nature and essence. Its good to see a mixture of different genres such as Grill which is combination grime and drill. We have to stay true to the original sound, but real tapped in fans will appreciate some adaptation. It will never die, too many people have been made from the scene. There is a lot of upcoming talent out there too, quality talent that will keep it alive. The biggest one being Stormzy and when he is ready he will fly the flag of the King of Grime.

Its been great talking with you Sharky, Thankyou!

Thankyou MM, be sure to check out the socials and the Grime Original’s website where the latest news and upcoming events will be posted!

Be sure to look out for the highly anticipated Grime Original’s Vol 1. album coming soon!