Margs talks old school legends with For The Culture podcast

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

12 Mar 2019

When you think about the rise of the UK rap scene, some obvious names come to mind. For me personally, I would say, Giggs, Blade Brown, K Koke, Joe Black, Young Spray, J Spades, Young Teflon and Mashtown.

But what about some of the unforgotten ones? Dubz, Yung Meth, JaJa Soze, Gunna D, Benny Banks, Pound Sterling, Fix Dot M …the list goes on! The reality is, a lot of people deserve homage for what we see in the UK scene now in general. In the last decade, we have seen our music go from being just music you would listen to in your endz with the ‘mandem‘, to music that is touching lives in all parts of the world and in the charts.

There are soo many people that deserve accolades for what we have now, in the UK urban scene. In this podcast, the guys from ‘From The Culture’, bring in Margs and Tricky from Mashtown to discuss who they believe is the reason we have such a striving scene today.

P.S this is all just personal opinions, we may have missed people from our list, but its nothing personal.

Who are the original rap legends for you? leave a comment below.