Maxo Kream Talks Collaboration With AJ Tracey, London & More!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

10 Dec 2019

Houston, Texas born and raised rapper Maxo Kream recently took to London last week for his headline show. Having just finished his Europe Tour as well as releasing his latest album Brandon Banks earlier this year. Maxo Kream is a natural story teller and if you’ve listened to his previous work you’ll know his journey up to now. Having completely changed his life around he is now signed to Roc Nation.

I caught up with Maxo Kream before his headline London show and asked him a few questions…

E: First of all, how are you finding London because it’s your first time here right?!

M: Yeah, it’s my first time as a grown up! It’s cool. I’ve been doing press though the whole time I’ve been here so I’ve not really had the chance to go out much.

E: You have your show tonight which you must be excited for?!

M: Yeah for sure! My first London show and it’s the biggest show on the whole tour so I’m just excited to see what it do haha.

E: What was the main aim or message that you wanted to get across if any with ‘Brandon Banks’?

M: I just wanted all my fans to relate more, open up more…Not really for them to open up more but for me opening up to them and let them open up to me. You know what I’m sayin’, to be more comfortable and to step more into the Maxo Kream world and understand me. Just to grow more, I grew a lot from my earlier music yano’.

E: You have some serious features on the project! How did these come about?

M: Shit, well every feature I got was organic. I grew up with Travis Scott and I’ve known Megan (Megan Thee Stallion) for a minute! I’ve been a big fan of Schoolboy Q and we became homies! With A$AP Ferg, I met him as soon as I started rapping. Travis Scott actually bought A$AP Ferg to my traphouse…if you will haha! Not sayin’ that they knew what was goin’ on in there but I knew what was goin’ on in there and they changed my life! So yeah, KCG Josh is my lil’ brother like same momma’ same daddy.

E: Looking back and listening to your previous work. What do you feel has been the biggest achievement of your career so far?

M: My biggest achievement? I mean… I guess a Grammy nomination!

E: Yeah, that’s big!

M: Yeah! Even though they was indirect because I worked on them yano’ what I’m sayin’? It be better when I get a Grammy Nomination for my piece of work yano. But yeah I gotta say the Grammy Nomination because there are people and artists that are bigger than me and sold more than me that still haven’t won a Grammy or even been nominated for a Grammy so that’s crazy!

E: Listening to your story, your life has completely changed. What advice would you give to younger people that are involved with gangs?

M: Maann, shit. Open your eyes and realise what is going on yano’ because it aint’ worth it. Gangbangin’ ain’t the same, it used to be all other gangs now it’s all homies. If I could start it over I wouldn’t gangbang.

E: I saw you post a picture with AJ Tracey earlier – Are there any UK artists that you fuck with? Or would like to collaborate with?

M: Well.. I got 2 songs with AJ Tracey!

E: Ahh no way that’s sick!

M: Lancey Foux is dope! I also rock with my boy Skepta too!

E: What more can we expect to see from you next year?

M: More music! More albums! More videos! More tours…basically just more Maxo! 

You can listen to Brandon Banks below and on Apple Music here.