OSH Talks About Going Viral, His Latest Single & More!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

12 Dec 2019

Having his life completely change over night due to viral hit and meme My Yé Is Different, a year on I spoke to OSH about all things music!

E: Your career started out from being an overnight success with ‘My Yé Is Different’. Did you ever expect it to blow like it did? I imagine it can be fairly overwhelming at first?!

O: I’ve always believed in myself and my musical journey. I surround myself with people that I believe in and that believe in me also. The aim was always to get my art noticed by many people so I wasn’t surprised.  I don’t believe it was too overwhelming as I was always preparing myself mentally for eventually being recognised for my music. However, what stood out to me more was that it was LITERALLY overnight. I went to bed one night, and the next day I had nearly every label wanting to meet me and talk business.

E: Has music been something you’ve grown up with? Or did something or someone in particular trigger your love for music?

O: Yes Music is in my blood. My mum can sing, and my dad thinks he can hahaha! As a youngster I was in the choir and my parents took me to have violin, and piano lessons. I also did classical vocal training. I just strayed away from those things during my teenage years. Upon reflection, you can’t fight destiny, i believe music was my calling and even though I was going down a different path I found myself and went back to my true love. MUSIC.

E: You’ve proved a lot of people wrong by solidifying a fanbase, getting signed and dropping various singles now! What’s the main aim with your music looking forward? 

O: My personal aim is to always maintain the “fun” aspect as that’s the reason why I first fell in love with music. Through that I will be able to produce my best work. I want music to create conversation and emotion and to have an impact on people.I want my music to bring people together off all colours, genders and religions. I want my music to provoke CHANGE.

E: Musically, you’ve turned down a more R&B and soulful route. Was it important for you to showcase this instead of being boxed in the generic UK Rap sound?

O: I would even say that’s the route I’m going down. With time you will see that my music has different energy and vibes and that’s due to the journey I’ve been on from birth until now. Musically, I feel the greatest artists are the ones that can do more than one sound. I guess I think I’m gonna be one of the greats.

Now you’re back with your latest single ‘Lunch Money’, what was the main inspiration behind that? 

O: I wanted to put out something that just felt good, that put a smile on the listeners face. Something that if they heard it first thing in the morning, they would be ready to go and attack the day. I just wanted to tell people all the things that I wish I was told. I’m breaking the cycle you see.

Watch the visuals for Lunch Money below.