Quick fire round with…MANGA


By Georgina


2 May 2013

Q: Jordans or Air Max’s?
A: Air Max’s.

Q: Football or rugby?
A: Neither but footy if I had to choose.

Q: Dexter’s Laboratory or Powerpuff Girls?
A: Hey Arnold (yeah we know he cheated on this one).

Q: Tracksuit or suit and tie?
A: Tracksuit.

Q: Nike or Adidas?
A: Adidas.

Q: Would you rather date a model or singer?
A: Singer.

Q: Pet dog or wild rabbit?
A: Dog.

Q: Rice and peas or wine and cheese?
A: Wine and cheese… people do that?! Nah man rice and peas.

Q: New Era caps or woolly hats?
A: New Era caps.

Q: Apple crumble with ice cream, cream, hot custard or cold custard?
A: Hot custard. What’s cold custard all about?

Q: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done?
A: Went out with my ex.

Q: If you were in a circus what would you be your act?
A: Tightrope walker.

Q: And finally…what are your thoughts about JD Sports?
A: It’s local, I pick up a few bits there. Stuff’s going on in there that people don’t know about. JD’s cool. I rate it.

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