Sincerely… Charli Taft

Hiba Hassan

By Hiba Hassan

Hiba Hassan

24 Sep 2022

I’m Charli Taft, an artist, songwriter, and proud scouser. My debut album DLUXLIFE has just been released and it’s a true love letter to the R&B albums I grew up listening to. Since I was a child, writing and singing my own songs has felt like my superpower – my way of moving people, expressing myself, and making sense of the world.

I grew up with musician parents and was luckily exposed to an eclectic range of music. I particularly loved the poetic lyricism of Joni Mitchell, the emotive power of jazz, the raw, infectious grooves of Hip-Hop, and the vocal brilliance of R&B singers like Brandy, Mariah, and Faith Evans. I would spend hours practicing how to sing like them, learning every run until I could do them perfectly. I just always knew I wanted to write, sing and perform for the rest of my life.

I broke into the music industry as a songwriter, writing for UK artists like Ella Eyre and Becky Hill and I eventually found success as a hit K-Pop writer, working with groups like Red Velvet, Girls Generation, EXO, and SuperM, to name a few. I’m grateful that these experiences gave me
the opportunity to learn how to craft great songs! I also met my amazing producer Daniel Obi Klein and I started developing my solo material together.

Behind the scenes, I’ve always put my artistry first and I’ve been waiting to put out my first project for a few years. With DLUXLIFE, I wanted to make a strong statement that I’ve finally arrived as an artist. My goal was to bring back standards of excellence whilst staying authentic –
I feel it’s time to celebrate excellence in music again. I care deeply about my craft and I’m a genuine musician. I’m ready to show the world that I’m the real deal.

My sound is luxurious, high-end R&B soaked in slick, soulful nostalgia and I would loosely describe DLUXLIFE as influenced by Brandy’s “Full Moon” meets “Butterfly” era Mariah Carey with a sprinkling of vintage Amerie and late 90’s Bad Boy sensibilities. The album is a collage of
my favourite R&B inspirations and I wanted to show this visually too through my choreography and music videos. It represents a unique time in my life and captures what I set out to achieve when I make music – rich harmony, soulful melodies, heartfelt lyrics and above all, a tasteful and elevated musical experience.

Making this album has been a dream come true for me and I’ve absolutely poured my heart and soul into the entire process. Now it’s out, I’m excited for the future and I have so much more to give. I’m ready to put together a killer live show and start work on my follow-up project. One day, I hope I can become an important voice in UK R&B music and along with fellow artists, help to propel the genre forward by providing my own unique offering of progressive, inclusive, and
timeless, great music.

By Charlie Taft