Spencer Elmer Talks New Music, Inspiration And The Effects of Social media

Sophie Beeching

By Sophie Beeching

Sophie Beeching

9 Aug 2023

Spencer Elmer has undoubtedly succeeded in establishing his name, transitioning from a viral social media sensation to a true musician. His latest release, ‘Calm Like Kim’, features Coventry-based rapper Jay 1. The track comes on the heels of a string of triumphs, notably his smash-hit, ‘She’s a 10 BUT…’ alongside ARTAN, and ‘Audacity’. Having recently inked a deal with the Los Angeles-based label 10k Projects, Spencer continues to enrapture his audience with his candid lyrics and effortlessly smooth delivery.

Congratulations on the new release ‘Calm Like Kim’, what was the creative process behind the track?

Thank you! The track was made with a few mates one night in the studio and was a lot of fun to make something less serious and light-hearted.

Transitioning from social media star to musician, what are the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

It’s obviously something that has a big stereotype as a lot of people have tried to do it, I’ve been releasing music and freestyles now for the past 5/6 years alongside creating content however I feel as soon as the music started to pick up it’s become more difficult as people love to have an opinion online or put you into a box and tell you, you can’t do something. I personally love making music and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do so, so the past and next few years will be spent learning and mastering the craft and keep releasing some tracks.

Do you think your social media career helped you be more relatable to your musical fanbase?

I think it’s a gift and a curse to be real. I’ve shared so much of my life since growing up online that it came to a point where it felt too invasive. The thing I love about music is I can articulate things better and get a point or a story across without having to overshare or film everything. People that know the ins and outs relate more to certain parts of stories in the music for sure but I don’t think it makes me more relatable.

What piece of advice would you give someone in a similar position?

It’s super important to know why you’re doing what you’re doing. It can be as simple as it makes you happy or it’s a good outlet for you because when everybody wants to comment on what’s right or wrong it can sway your outlook on things. In moments like this, you need to remember the why and that’s the thing that will help you keep working on getting better and enjoying doing what you do.

As an artist, what is the biggest impact of social media? How can an artist use it to benefit their career?

I feel like social media helps show more about the artist and with the help of platforms like TikTok, you can engage in conversations with artists or hear new ideas and get a vision of behind the scenes. I’ve personally felt like TikTok has helped me share more and work out what directions are best for me to make music.

What’s the worst part about being an artist in today’s internet era?

The flip side of sharing music for sure is that there is such a negative hate culture brewing right now. Every artist or creative that puts ideas or works out receives hate, trolls and negative interaction. The hate cultures have never been more dominant, and it sucks to see. When was it not cool to try something new or share the progression of something you want to do you know? However, you have to remember you’ll never have a hater doing better than you, so it’s a sign that things are growing.

Recently signing to LA-based 10k Projects, is there anyone in the States that you’d like to collaborate with? Perhaps you’ve already got some stuff in the works!?

We’ve got some super cool collaborations sat ready to go but I love artists like Eem Tripplin, Phora, Joey Badass.

Where do you take most of your inspiration from?

I’ve always been a super fan of music, from the UK grime scene to the SOUNDCLOUD rap era to skateboarding listen to MF Doom and Tribe Called Quest I was brought up on rap. So, my inspiration comes from whatever I’m consuming or experiencing at the time.

Rumour has it you have an upcoming project; can you tell us anything about that? Any spoilers?

My first project! I’ve been working on this for a long time already and it’s been the craziest process. We’ve got some cool people to jump on and I just hope to deliver over the expectation.

What’s next for Spencer?

Progression and progression hopefully! I hope one day people will begin to understand the direction more but for now I’m good with