Toosii Talks On New Project ‘Thank You For Believing’, His Journey To Success And More

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

10 May 2021

Thriving from Syracuse, New York – 21 year old prospering artist Toosii continues to make a progressive impact in his career, reaching yet another milestone! Contributing to the globally approved sound of “pain rap”, Toosii unapologetically proves his potential to sit at the forefront of the rising genre, strengthened by his immensely admired and authentic discography built so far.

Rising from Soundcloud to millions of fans, Toosii’s dedication to music has evidently paid off, through a journey of life-changing experiences initially stemming from the signing to prominent label – ‘South Coast Music Group’ where he consequently unveiled debut mixtape ‘Who Dat’ in 2019. Toosii’s career took a turn for the better with follow up, breakout album ‘Poetic Pain’ the next year with tracks like “Red Lights”, “Love Cycle” and “Sapiosexual”, resulting in a surge of exposure as well as working with the likes of huge names including R&B sensation Summer Walker, Rap hit-maker Dababy and other influential figures like Lil Durk and Queen Naija.

Toosii’s self-proclaimed sense of hopeless-romanticism in contrast with real life, painful experiences allows him to deliver the music that reflects many audience’s genuine emotions of today. The powerful volume delivered throughout his releases is undisputed, used to convey a profound message to listeners.

Mixtape Madness caught up with Toosii to discuss his latest project ‘Thank You For Believing’, the journey so far and much more!

How have you found the pandemic? It doesn’t seem to have affected you too badly, you’ve still been quite consistent.

For the most part, the pandemic didn’t do nothing for me. I’m still living and working, I’m still good – I’m out here!

Let’s get into it – When you first started to release music, what made you want to start rapping?

My brother and my dad used to make music, so anything that they did I wanted to do. If we’re talking influences then yeah, my brother and my dad were most definitely that.

What about the music scene as a whole, is there any artists you would say you looked up to or influenced your music?

Not many artists influenced my music but as a person, Nipsey Hussle was a person who influenced me – he was one of a kind. That’s something I wanted to be, I wanted to be an influence to the world. 

Do you feel like leaving a legacy is something you want to get out of your music career as a whole?

Yeah, of course! I want to have an impact and leave a legacy behind with my music. 

What about now, what artists do you currently listen to?

I listen to Billy Eillish A lot! My favourite song by Billy right now is “Lovely”. I also listen to Lewis Capaldi, John Legend – you name it. I don’t really listen to rap music, I make it. 

Why is it that you don’t really listen to rap music? Do you feel like it can get a bit boring?

Not that it gets boring, but you’ll get caught up. Because we make so much music, you might accidently sound like another person by accident. I find that happening at times where I might be listening to too much rap, so I try to avoid that.

Do you feel like a lot of people compare you to others? I can imagine that being annoying considering you don’t even listen to other rappers?

It’s so crazy because a while back, I used to get a lot of Roddy Ricch comparisons when he first started. It’s crazy you said that *laughs* I completely forgot about that!  The reason for it might have been because I used to listen to a lot of Roddy, but lately it really hasn’t been that way as I don’t listen to no other artists anymore.

Just like Roddy Ricch, you have a big UK fanbase – Is coming to London or the UK something that you’re interested in?

For sure, as soon as possible! I look forward to coming over to the UK.  

So, as your sound is very unique – What do you think makes your sound you?

I feel like it’s the pain and the fact that I love, love. I mean, I’m a hopeless romantic so that, mixed with the struggle – that’s what made me who I am.

Keeping it 100, I don’t even like features. If we do a feature it’s because we got a connection. Of course, Summer Walker, Lil Durk and Queen Naija. 

Yeah! Because Summer Walker jumped on the remix to “Love Cycle” in late 2020, how did that collaboration come about?

I was actually on tour with Summer Walker, across the US and Canada where we kind of built a relationship together – not much of a relationship but she liked my music. So had being on tour with her I sat and thought, there’s only one person I want on this record and it’s Summer Walker. If she doesn’t get on it then I don’t want nobody on it. It went crazy from there.

How old are you now? You’re quite young! I remember in your song “Right Now” you said “Born in 2000 I’m dope like the 80’s though”.

*Both Laugh* Yeah! I’m 21.

Has it been a lot for you, being so young and having to handle and experience such a high level of fame? 

Kind of, it hasn’t been tooo much to deal with – it’s been alright. 

Do you feel like through your journey so far you receive the recognition you deserve, or you still have a long way to go?

I still have a long way to go, definitely. This is just the beginning of the process, I can’t really say like “ Oh – I’ve made it”. I still have a lot to do.

With your new project “Thank You For Believing”, Do you feel like you have done things differently this time in comparison to before?

Yeah, I did a lot of stuff different! For example, this is my first project where I’m not actually using producers from YouTube which most of my previous projects have been. With this project I’ve worked with big name producers like Rvssian, ChiChi, Zaytoven etc.

Lastly – Is there any UK artists you’d like to collab with?

Yeah, well. I’ve been told about B Young before by somebody and now Young Adz from you *laughs* so – We’ll see I guess!

Toosii – “Thank You For Believing” is out now across all platforms.

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