Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

19 Jun 2019

“Hot girl mi nuh regular!”

Ahead of Trillary Banks’ second event — VOTE4TRILLARY — I had the chance to talk to her and find out what she’s all about. The Leicester native is making her presence felt across the UK as she leaves a trail of sounds varying from Hip Hop to Dancehall.

“Can you tell us who Trillary Banks is?”

She is a bad-ass female. I was attracted to the word ‘trill’ and Hillary Banks (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) — I reinvented that character as a hood rich version and came up with Trillary. I represent the women from the streets who are hustlers, grinders and entrepreneurs that keep it natural and as real as possible as well as slaying the game.

“What is Vote4Trillary all about?”

It’s my personal slogan. I’m an upcoming artist and want to represent a group of people so as people voted for Hillary Clinton, they should vote for Trillary. If you want someone to represent a real woman in all her different forms then you should vote for Trillary. The cover is inspired by an electoral vote — the event is creating awareness, pushing my brand and giving supporters opportunity to vibe with me. Are you voting for Trillary?

“What makes your music trill?”

I incorporate my real-life experiences from songs like Intro to Come Over Mi Yard — I keep it real from discussing hood experiences to sexual experiences. My music is trill because everything I talk about is what I’ve lived… or plan to live like.

“Are you choosing to stay independent?”

Right now I’m interested in single deals with a major label. I’m interested in seeing how I can exceed what I’ve already done independently. The competition isn’t as independent as I am — everyone has a machine behind them.

“What has that experience been like?”

It’s been good — it’s great to know that you can push yourself to achieve but now it feels like I’m playing a game that I can’t win. As long as I’m treated well, then I’m happy to work with people that’ll help make my dream come true. I don’t want any bad experiences with labels but I’m keeping it positive. I’m ready to take it to the next level.

“Would you offer any advice to independent artists or female artists?”

Believe in your sound and really have a heartfelt passion. Unless you really believe that you are the best out there, I don’t think you should come out. Be sure of who you are and what you bring to the scene. Embrace yourself, love yourself and don’t stop pushing until you get to the top.

“Lastly, what can we expect from Trillary Banks this year?”

This year I’m just grinding as usual. You can expect to hear another project from me — towards the end of this year. More videos! I’m really trying to break into the industry. More real hot gyal sh*t and trill music. Expect to see Trillary at the top!

Trillary, we wish you all the success you’re working so hard for. Stream the rapper’s latest project below!