Wiley talks fatherhood, politics, more Dizzee Beef and Grime

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

3 Nov 2017

The Godfather of Grime, Wiley dropped his eagerly awaited autobiography Eskiboy and caught up with Channel 4 news to discuss this and more!!! Amazing how he has managed to speak Eskiboy into existence, as a sound. movement Bow Slang!!

Wiley sits down in his Manchester City top for an in depth Channel 4 news with UK legend Jasmine Dotiwala. The explore his impact on grime, emergence on pirate radio, inspiration beyond music his son, never ending saga with Dizzee Rascal and more. His view on record labels, politics relationship Grime and the UK Governments relationship with young people illustrates his socially conscious side.

He has been around for decades and has truly earned his title as a legend. From Pay As You Go to Roll Deep to BBK, he has been a part of some legendary collectives and has provided various emerging artists with a platfor to succeed. Having seen that Wiley played a major part in the transition between Garage and Grime. Thus coping Eskiboy is a must.