Sweeney Gloria

By Sweeney Gloria

Sweeney Gloria

4 Dec 2019

Young Dolph has a chat with Mixtape Madness!

I was fortunate enough to catch up with American rapper, Young Dolph, ahead of his show in London! We were able to have a cool exchange on the phone— if you want the inside scoop on that, keep reading.

Sweeney Gloria: What was your vision for your music this year?

Young Dolph: My vision was to put out new artists and that’s what I did. I signed a new artist. I dropped a mixtape in July with one of my artists.

What made you decide to take on the boss role?

YD: I got a label and it’s about all the artists. I like seeing other artists win.

Was it important to crossover and have global status?

YD: Yes, especially at this time. I got artists so I gotta do it for the team.

What do you want your music to represent?

YD: Motivation— to motivate people to chase their dreams. A lot of people don’t have support on a day-to-day so I just try to give them that support and push.

Is being Young Dolph a responsibility— since you made it out?

YD: Yeah. Everyone looks at me and sees that it’s possible.

Talk about Dum & Dummer— why with Key Glock?

YD: I signed Key Glock 2 years ago. He wanted to put out a mixtape with me and I didn’t. I just wanted to chill (laughs).

You shot ‘On God’ in London…what was the thought behind that?

YD: I just wanted to capture my first time over there. I wanted to do something that I would remember.

Do you know much about the UK Rap scene?

YD: I didn’t get to know much last time because I was just moving around a lot. I was preparing for a project I was gonna put out.

How are you feeling about your upcoming London show?

YD: I’m excited for sure. I plan to get more situated and get to know more about it this time around.

Young Dolph performing on the European leg of his Dum and Dummer tour!

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