French The Kid joins Kenny Allstar for the latest episode of Mad About Bars!

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

19 Jul 2020

Since his debut late last year with the french-infused record “Bella Latina”. French The Kid has steadily confirmed himself as strong candidate in the game. Now, Kenny Allstar calls on the Essex-based rapper to showcase his talents even further in this brand-new instalment of Mad About Bars.

The DJ tells no lies in his introduction, which described French as “one of the most exciting (rappers) to come through this year,”. Continuing to sing his praises he builds the anticipation “he’s too different with it, the flows, bars – French The Kid”.

Deserving every second of his warm welcome; the rapper showcases his artistry in this lengthy (but worth it), five minutes and 40 second freestyle which sees him tackling two mellow instrumentals.

Soaring over the first – a nocturnal backbeat driven by somber piano notes – the Essex-rapper draws us into his world with a captivating, lyrical storyline strung together by a montage of memories. Ranging from tales set in the trap, family trauma and a despair-filled dialogue with a lover.

Moving on to the emotive sample that exudes a melancholy ambience; French slows down his flow while reeling off candid rhymes, that detail the ramifications of life on the roads and it’s effects on his mental health – making for a truly compelling listen.

If you weren’t sold before, we are sure you will be after watching the newest episode of Mad About Bars up top.