M Lo joins Kenny Allstar on this weeks Mad About Bars.

Rehana Harmony

By Rehana Harmony

Rehana Harmony

27 Sep 2020

M Lo is the artist chosen to step up for Kenny Allstar’s Mad About Bars freestyle this week. And, as expected the wildly underrated rapper pulls out all the stops.

Known for harbouring a dynamic and unheard flow pattern alongside an extremely imaginative wordsmith; M Lo takes this freestyle as an opportunity to boldly demonstrate both across this 4-minute debut.

He does so by showcasing his versatility, while to adapting to two contrasting instrumentals. Over which, he switches up his approach, starting with streetwise stanzas atop of a menacing drill beat. Before melodising over a mellow trap-wave backing. 

Take in M Lo’s Mad About Bars freestyle right here on Mixtape Madness.