1M PLUS Tinchy Stryder x Chuckle Brothers

Mixtape Madness Team

By Mixtape Madness Team

Mixtape Madness Team

29 Oct 2014

When your primary school memories meet your teenage raving memories the last thing you would have thought of was the Chuckle Brothers doing gun fingers. Yet loan behold it has happened. What can I say, if we are going to make commercial Grime tracks, then it should be for a good cause at least right?

Hats off to Tinchy & The Chuckle Brothers. People continue to support ACLT who have been consistently helping to save lives!!!

A few words on the collaboration from Tinchy (quoted from SBTV):

I recorded a track with these two absolute lads Paul & Barry AKA The Chuckle Brothers after we met filming for Keith Lemon’s show Celeb Juice, we really clicked on the day and had a proper laugh, afterwards Paul hit me up to get in the studio & just have a bit of fun!! We hope you enjoy the result – TO ME, TO YOU (BRUV!)

I’ve decided to donate any profits made from this release to the ACLT Charity.

Seeing Orin Lewis give a speech about blood donation and understanding how much we can all help to hopefully save a life, spread the awareness and also the story of how his son, who sadly passed away after overcoming childhood leukaemia and inspiring thousands of black and mixed raced people to become donors really grabbed me. I have a close family friend who suffers from sickle cell and has stayed so strong through the years so I have an understanding of what people have to go through and I believe we can all help one way or another. ACLT is a charity helping to spread the awareness of how blood donation can save a life, it’s a cause close my heart. Let’s raise some serious funds for these inspiring people.

Find out more about the disease and the charity here: http://www.aclt.org/