2023 Mercury Prize Winner’s Ezra Collective Return With Brand New Single “Ajala”

Harvey Marwood

By Harvey Marwood

Harvey Marwood

24 Apr 2024

Returning with their first single of the year, 2023’s Mercury Prize Award winners have unveiled a brand new track entitled “Ajala”.

The new single kickstarts the return of the band with a highly anticipated new album on the horizon. Alongside the new release, the critically acclaimed band have also announced their upcoming tour, becoming the first UK Jazz act to headline London’s OVO Arena in Wembley on November 15th.

Femi Koleoso on “Ajala”:

‘Ajala the Traveller is a journalist from Nigeria whose story is really beautiful. He decided that he wanted to travel the whole world on a moped and what ended up happening was his name became slang in Yoruba.

‘Ajala travel’ is slang for someone that can’t sit still. It’s the way a lot of people would describe me, but for me it’s also what a great drum beat does, it’s what great music does to me, it means I can’t sit still and I just want to move. Ajala is all about that movement.’

Listen to the new track below :