24wavey puts his melodic spin on captivating new single “Droptop”

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

27 May 2021

24wavey makes a long awaited come back with engaging visuals to new single “Droptop”.

Rising into the music scene, 24wavey taps in to his highly approved melodic delivery, contributing to the increasingly popular UK wave genre. Displaying an extremely compelling hook, 24wavey effortlessly provides a laid-back enjoyable sound that’s easily able to resonate with the likes of many audiences. Gliding on the entrancing production by Jbiz snd Soulis, the gentle-feel reinforces the major likeablity of the track.

With simple yet effective visuals by Kirx Diaz, the entirety of the release comes together extremely well.

Tap in to the visuals for 24wavey “Droptop” above!