By Georgina


7 Jun 2013

Today More Money More Pagans 2 (MMMP2) drops and fans and artists like Wretch 32 have been showing their eagerness for its arrival by creating a buzz on Twitter. MTV Wrap regard it as a potential candidate for mixtape of the year and were only in June. With features from Chip, Margs, Joe Black, Youngs Teflon, Sway, Cashtastic, Morrison, Blade Brown and Tinchy Stryder, you all ready know it will be a madness!! But if you are still twiddling your thumbs and wondering whether to grab the second installment of Hackney rapper J Spades’ More Money More Pagans mixtape series, look no further.

We’ve compiled our top five lyrics from the More Money More Pagans(MMMP) below, and if that doesn’t persuade you, take a look at the trailer. Happy Friday!

5. “…as soon as we see you with your wifey, you get scooped in the back of the van…like Ice cream. You will ask questions like Babes did I scream?”

4. “…you ain’t a real boy like Pinocchio, mittens on my fingers man ain’t opening the oven door. So you linking Julie?! She ain’t on it though. You ain’t f***ed Julie yet? You must be Romeo”

3. “…for my *geezers* in the struggle…don’t ever think that when times are hard that Farda God don’t love you..”

2. “…I do a lot, do a little. Beef I’ve been through a little. Still here talking with dawgs. Dr Dolittle”

1. “The Ghetto, I love it, the Roads I love it…what you know about when there is no gas and you heat the house up with oven…the Ghetto.

[youtube id=”Vb58PAEiiHI” width=”600″ height=”350″]

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