5 Things You Need To Know About M1llionz!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

20 Aug 2021

Following on from what’s been a successful few years, M1llionz has flown to the forefront of the UK scene in no time at all. Wowing the world with his dynamic flows, refined pen game, and all-round artistry, the Birmingham native has become a force to be reckoned with. Carrying with him a boast-worthy catalogue of tracks including, “Bando Spot”, “Y PREE”, “Lagga”, not to mention his recent collaboration with G Herbo on “Father Figure”, M1llionz continues to prove why he’s at the forefront of British Drill.

As we gear up for what’s due to be yet another successful year ahead with the release of his forthcoming debut mixtape ‘Provisional Licence’, we have gathered a list of 5 things about M1llionz – with the help of him, of course – that you need to know! Tap in below to see what he had to say!

1. M1llionz took his first steps in Jamaica!

Having been championing his Jamaican heritage from day one, this one comes to no surprise! Flying back and fourth from Jamaica for his movie-like visuals, M1llionz stated, “I started to visit Jamaican from a very young age. My mother took me to Jamaica before I turned one and that’s when I took my first steps”.

2. Timing is very important to him!

In living a busy lifestyle, timing is key to the Birmingham native! “It’s extremely important that I’m on time and punctual. I respect my time and peoples time, I appreciate when people are on time” – in other words, don’t be late around M1llionz!

3. “Regular Bag” is the one of the first drill videos to be shot on film!

Following the release of his “Regular Bag” visuals last night, this was in-fact one of the first Drill music videos to be shot on film as opposed to video, “It was great to shoot my new video on film. The style is different to a lot of my other videos and I’m looking forward to my fans seeing this”, M1llionz added.

4. M1llionz has travelled to 6 countries in the last five years!

If there’s one thing we know about M1llionz, its that he loves travelling and that’s only evident through his music videos. Over the past few years, it’s safe to say he’s done his fair share, “I’ve travelled to Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, Greece, America, and Egypt. I enjoyed my visit to each country, however going home will always be number one”.

5. The meaning behind his stage name is “Money”

The question on all our minds, will it ever be B1llionz? Money was the main influence behind his stage name, “I’ve always been money motivated from a young age and that’s how my stage name came about”, M1llionz stated.