7 Tracks To Bring In To The Winter: Rap Edition

Casey Dorney

By Casey Dorney

Casey Dorney

23 Nov 2021

As we know, UK rappers love a track for the ladies! With many past gems such as LD “Part 1 (So Fly), DBE “ILY (interlude) and K Trap “Stay Down”, 2021 has birthed many more ‘in your feelings’ type tracks. The weather is dropping, its getting cold and rappers are delving into their emotions a little more! Here are 7 rap songs from 2021 to bring in to the winter:

7. Ghetts – “Dead To Me”

The number #2 charting phenomenal album released back in February, UK grime legend Ghetts returned with brand new album ‘Conflict Of Interest’. Pouring his heart out on a hard-hitting rap beat, Ghetts spills his emotions on love – touching the feelings of listeners.

6. Dave – “Law Of Attraction” Ft Snoh Aalegra

Joining forces with iconic vocalist Snoh Aalegra, South London prodigy Dave bounces on the swaying production , delivering lyrically flirtatious wordplay. From impactful ‘We’re All Alone In This Together’ album, Dave utilises his gifted talent to project his emotions on the release.

5. Tion Wayne – “Realest One”

Track 12 on debut album ‘Green With Envy’, Tion Wayne returns to his much-loved ‘old Tion’ style of rap. One of his biggest tracks “Me Or The Lifestyle” took off in 2016, which delves in to topics of love and relationships. Tion is undeniably one of the best UK rappers to execute this concept!

4. Unknown T – “Sweet Lies”

Homerton native Unknown T continues to excel in talent each and every drop. The release of ‘Adolescence’ once again showcased this, with a heightened level of versatility. Previously seen on tracks like “SS interlude”, Unknown T delivers soothing tones and hard-hitting vocals, rapping about a female counterpart. online fogadóiroda

3. Headie One – “Long Night In Knightsbridge”

Floating on a PartyNextDoor – “Wus Good/Curious” sampled production, Headie One effortlessly raps on his heart-felt emotions. This is starting to become a legendary Headie One x Ghosty combo, seen before on 2020 similar hit track “Rose Gold”. The North London native returns to his pain rap bag, talking on his experience of love. tippmix teljes

2. D Block Europe Ft Wretch 32 – “Don’t Go”

A very new track compared to some of the rest listed, appearing on latest project ‘Home Alone 2’ – DBE tap Wretch 32 sampling his classic 2011 single “Don’t Go” with Josh Kumra. Known for having some of the best tracks for the ladies including the entire ‘Home Alone’ tape with rap star Yxng Bane – DBE have come along and done it again! “Don’t Go” is a beautifully-constructed track, filled with emotive, heart-on-sleeve lyricism. The tones of Young Adz, DirtBike LB and Wretch go together perfectly, undeniably standing out as one of the strongest songs on the project.

  1. Potter Payper – “I Just Need”

When talking on rap songs for the ladies, Potter Payper has to be at the top! Three ‘Training Day’ projects deep as well as latest ‘Thanks For Waiting’ mixtape, Potter Payper continues to deliver. Known songs “The Mrs”, “What She Like” and “With Me” are all iconic, popular tracks pinned to Potter’s relentless talent. Newest addition to the list, “I Just Need” did what needed to be done as Potter glides on the melodic rap production by AJ. Talking on his ideal Woman, Potter Payper lays his feelings down on his perspective of love. tippmix mobil

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