A Chat With Australia’s Rising Star: The Kid LAROI!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

13 Aug 2020

The Kid LAROI, at only 16-years-old, is one of the youngest and most exciting new artists to emerge with over 200 million streams worldwide! Born and raised in Sydney (aside from a short stint in the countryside) to a mother of Aboriginal descent and a French father, LAROI was raised by his mother and his uncle in a gritty environment. Growing up consuming one of America’s most adored exports, listening to hip-hop and R&B icons like Tupac, Erykah Badu, The Fugees, Lil Wayne and Kanye West; the young star relocated to Los Angeles from Sydney to chase his dream in music, hoping to claim a spot within this specifically American legacy.

With over 15 million Spotify monthly listeners, The Kid LAROI has shot to stardom in just over 2 years time; after becoming a finalist in a Triple J Radio competition, he earned respect from Chicago rapper-turned-industry exec, Lil Bibby, whose support led him to performances on stages alongside the late Juice WRLD, whom he considered a close friend and mentor, THEY and more! LAROI has since toured alongside Lil Tjay,  and made his debut US performance last May at the Rolling Loud Festival 2019 in Miami – incredible right?!

The Kid LAROI recently returned to our screens with his outstanding mixtape titled, ‘F*CK LOVE’. Spread across 15 tracks with boast-worthy features from Lil Mosey, Corbin and his late close friend and mentor Juice WRLD – this mixtape is as evident as the title seems! Taking us on a journey through a one-sided relationship, with a surprise Ne-Yo sample on “NEED YOU MOST”, this project also includes his heartfelt farewell to his big brother-figure Juice WRLD on “Tell Me Why”.

We recently caught up with The Kid LAROI and asked him the following questions…

You are originally from Sydney, Australia but moved around at a young age! What was it like growing up over there? Was music something you were always around?

Moving around kind of just taught me how to be comfortable in any situation. It gave me the motivation to be where I am now. From a very young age I was drawn to music. In some of my earliest memories I remember playing music from my mom’s phone so yeah music is something I was always around.

You have previously stated that  ‘Australian Hip-Hip was frowned upon’ when you were growing up. If you hadn’t of relocated to Los Angeles do you think it would have been harder to get where you are today, in comparison to if you had stayed?

I think it would’ve been a little harder for sure. LA is like a central hub for entertainment so living here does make things a little easier, but the work still has to be put in.

Which song do you think really changed things for you? You seem to have grown immensely in such a short period of time!

It’s hard to say! Every single has had a different role in my growth.

Describe your sound using only 3 words…


This mixtape ‘F*CK LOVE’  is the first body of work since your EP – a lot has changed since then! How do you stay focused amidst the fame and mayhem? Do you ever find it overwhelming or are adjusting to it now?

I just truly love making music. It’s not hard to stay focused when you really love what you’re doing!

To an extent ‘F*CK LOVE’  is a very one-sided relationship; it’s not until towards the end of the project that you really start to feel the girl when it’s too late – a very relatable feeling for many people! Is there where the inspiration for the title of the mixtape came from?

The title came just from my mentality and how I look at love now. 

You have three features on the mixtape, Corbin, Juice WRLD and Lil Mosey! ‘WRONG’ is without a doubt a song for the summer! How did this collaboration come about?

It came about really naturally. Lil Mosey is the homie.

You sampled Ne-Yo’s classic ‘So Sick’ on your track ‘NEED YOU MOST’ – What made you chose this sample? It’s definitely a sample we wouldn’t necessarily expect!

I just always loved that song so once I heard that beat it was like second nature.

We have to talk about the visuals for ‘NOT FAIR’ with Corbin! They are sick! What was the concept for this video?Did you have a rough concept for it visually when you were recording the song?

I didn’t really have a video concept when recording it, but I trust the people around me enough and their vision and sure enough the video is amazing!

There is one track on your mixtape that has touched many people across the world, ‘TELL ME WHY’ pays tribute to your ‘big brother’ and mentor Juice WRLD – In what ways did he mentor and support you? Did he ever give you any advice that has stuck with you since?

He always just told me to keep moving forward. His work ethic inspired me to also work hard and his never give up mentality still gets me through things today.

Did this album challenge you in any way maybe sonically or lyrically?

Not really. It really just came together naturally, no forcing any songs or going in to make a certain song. Every song was pretty much organic.

What else can we expect to see from you this year?

Stay tuned!

You can listen to The Kid LAROI’s mixtape ‘F*CK LOVE’ below and on Apple Music here. Keep up to date with all things The Kid LAROI via his Instagram here.