A Chat With Emerging Female Drill Artist – Lavida Loca!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

21 Feb 2020

Lavida Loca is reppin’ for the ladies in Drill, the emerging rapper has caught the eyes off many over the last few months including the likes of Virgil Abloh. The 21 year-old stands fierce with a boss-like energy, appearing on Kenny Allstar’s ‘Voice Of The Streets’ dropping nothing but cold bars throughout – Lavida has only proven why she is one to watch this 2020!

I caught up with the boss herself and asked her a few questions!

E: For people who aren’t aware of your music, describe your music in three words?

L: Real, raw and different!

E: Taking it to the very start of your career, were there any particular influences that made you want to start a career in music or did you come from a musical background?

L: I didn’t come from a musical background, but my dad has always loved music so I grew up having a big love for music. As a child I loved to sing, dance and perform which eventually lead to a passion for rapping. I was definitely influenced by the new gen of female rappers in America right now to start my career as of when I did, Mulatto, Cuban Doll, Molly Brazy – I heard all of those really cold females, that I could also relate to and thought “yes, it’s definitely the time for me to talk to my truth!”

E: I heard you have co-signs from Virgil Abloh and Fraser T Smith which is amazing! How did these come about?

L: Well Virgil Abloh came around really randomly, after I dropped my Kenny Allstar Voice of the streets freestyle I saw he posted me and he hit me up showing love, it was very surprising! Yes, the amazing Fraser T Smith, I was introduced to as part of a YouTube Originals documentary I took part in, but unfortunately due to timing we couldn’t work together for the documentary. But instead he literally called me and asked me to be a part of one of his projects instead and so not long after, I went down to his studio and yeah, it was amazing.

E: You recently dropped a track with CS called “I Been’, tell more about that? How did this collaboration come about?

L: Well I got the beat from Bayo and thought it was cold! CS and I had already agreed on doing a feature together, the beat for ‘I Been’ just made perfect sense. I wrote my bars at home, when we got to the studio we wrote the chorus together and then he wrote his part and the song came together so nicely. I enjoyed working with CS and that’s my G, we’ve got another unreleased song together and I hope we work together on more projects in the future. 

E: In your particular genre, do you find it harder being a woman? Or do you feel like more women are  coming up within Drill?

L: No I definitely don’t find it harder, I don’t make the ‘male’ and ‘female’ thing a thing because I know I’m just as cold, if not colder than a lot of man in this scene. I believe in my craft. It’s male dominated but that’s not an issue for me. So far, I’ve been made to feel equally respected as both male and female rappers coming up alongside me so I don’t think about the gender thing – it’s other people that do that! 

E: What more can we expect to see from you this year? Are you dropping a project or anything!?

L: There’s so much music coming this year, you haven’t even heard 2% of me yet and I’m so excited! More music, more videos and my first EP is due to drop this April. I’ll be performing this year to at the Love Saves The Day Festival in Bristol. I’m excited for the world to hear more Lavida Loca!