A Chat With London’s Emerging Rapper: Ace

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

15 May 2020

Ace is proving himself to be one of London’s next emerging artists, with a slew of bangers behind him already including “Plenty”, “Where I’m From”, “They Watching”, “More” and “Know Me” (below). Ace is still exploring himself as an artist “I’m always coming up with different flows,” he says “I’m an artist, not just a rapper. As long as the beat sounds cold, I can just flow with it”. More recently, he was the next artist to step for Kenny Allstar’s ‘Voice Of The Streets’ freestyle that saw the newcomer boast his pen game and versatility. Having only recently entered the UK rap game, he has already garnered a core fan base; connected through Ace’s authenticity “I mean every word I say,” commenting on the brutally honest tales of the road. They’re not just autobiographical, they’re also aspirational — he’s got big plans and they’re going to take him far. 

We caught up with Ace and asked him a few questions…

What drove you to want to pursue a career as a rapper? Did you ever look up to any one musically that inspired you?

The feedback I got when I first dropped, things progressed after that. Everyone in the UK that’s transitioned from the streets to the rap game, people like Giggs, Sus, Fredo and Slim.

What three words would you use to describe your sound?

Authentic, trappy and no cap.

Can you remember the first album you ever bought?

I can’t lie, I think it might have been AR-AB, the one with “Dodge Ball” on it – ‘Who Harder Than Me 2’.

You have already gathered co-signs from some pretty big names including Slim, DigDat, K-Trap, Rimzee and Suspect – How did these come about?

Some of them I just know, some people picked up on the realness and showed love and some of them are around my people.

You just released your brand new single “Know Me”, tell us more about this track. What inspired this single?

Haha, people thinking that they know me. People thinking that I’ve changed because I’ve started rapping – I’m still me, you know what I mean?

One thing that sticks out for me and your sound is your choice of beats. They almost have a cinematic feel to them – when picking and/or making a beat what elements do you look for?

If I vibe to the beat, I vibe to the beat – if I don’t, I don’t. I don’t really have a particular way of picking beats – if it feels right it feels right, that’s it.

There is a lots of talent flourishing through the UK scene at the moment. What do you feel you bring to the table that sets you aside from other emerging rappers?

No one’s me, everyone’s different in their own way. If you like hearing drippy trap shit and seeing proper visuals that might inspire you, then that’s me – my shits real. I make stuff that the fans can relate to. If you can’t relate to it, the sound talks for itself.

Having not been on the scene for that long, you have already built up a loyal fanbase! What do you think your supporters connect with the most in regards to your artistry?

I don’t know, it must be the sound and how I present myself – otherwise I wouldn’t of continued rapping. If didn’t get the reception I did for “Plenty” there probably wouldn’t have been another song from me, the music’s the most important thing other than the visuals and clothes I wear.

What else can we expect to hear from you this year?

More videos, a tape, and a lot of progression – I’m working.

Keep up to date with Ace via his Instagram here.