A Chat With One Of London’s Hottest Emerging Rappers: KDVSGOLIATH

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

4 Apr 2020

KDVSGOLIATH, the 20 year-old born in Ethopia now based in South-West London has been catching the eyes of many.

Having only just emerged onto the scene, KDVSGOLIATH has been racking up with views with singles such as Baggage and more recently with his latest banger Piston. Building a strong core fanbase, I caught up with him to talk all things music, straying away from the norm and more!

For people who aren’t aware of your music, introduce yourself…

Servant of the Most High. A warrior, a king, and most importantly a child of the God that created the heavens and the earth. Friend and brother to the most incredible human to have ever graced this earth, Jesus Christ. My identity is wrapped in the purpose and path God Almighty specifically paved for me… I lived my life for so many years devoid of purpose and identity, I lived selfishly, caused havoc and spread evil wherever I would go and I hurt the people that loved me the most, yet God had a plan for me the entire time, a plan greater than  could have ever realised, and that’s not making music.. it’s living to serve him and fashion my character into the man I was destined to be. To emulate perfection in the character and human that is Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the one true king.. To love in the face of hatred, to sacrifice in the presence of gluttony and to correctly represent the one who loved me when no one else could. The one who gave me life when all I wanted was for my life to end. To witness unto the glory off the most high. The father of existence, and to spread the good news… There is salvation at the cross.

What words would you use to describe your sound?

Versatile, emotive, passionate, compelling, powerful, plosive, painful, healing, melodic, inspiring and honest. There are many more but these are the ones that spring to mind.

If you were to meet someone new, who wasn’t aware of your music. Which song would you chose to play them and why?

To be honest I’m always stuck and spoilt for choice when this happens, and I tend to play unreleased music because I get better every song I make. So, whatever I play I’m always adamant I play another to give them an idea of how weird my brain really is. I grant them a look into my heart and show them that there’s more to me than meets the eye or ear in fact.. if I had to choose from the music I’ve released it would most likely be “Keen” because of how universally loved that songs proven to be and then “Damn” to reveal my versatility. I’ve only got 5 songs out right now but just wait on what I got coming…

You are one of the hottest emerging UK underground artists at the moment, what made you want to start a career within music?

A close friend of mine was stabbed to death when I was in college, I was around 17 years old and it really changed my entire outlook on life, I became extremely violent and lost my mind for a while and ended up getting into so much trouble with the police. I saw the effect my negativity was having on my family and my own conscious, I was in a very bad state. At around 18 years old I decided to use my voice for the betterment of the world, I wanted to change things around, I wanted to redefine “cool” and make the youth understand what it really means to be a man. I’m still figuring that out myself but I knew that I wanted to expose what violence, gang banging and selling drugs really entailed and that’s miserable, paranoid life along with many other atrocities. I decided to buy a microphone and set up a little studio in my room then got to work.. I dedicated my entire being to music and I made it my mission to become the greatest artist to have ever lived.

We’re there any artists or albums that you looked to for inspiration?

I was never allowed to listen to secular music when I was little but I was a rebellious kid and wound listen to in secret, vigilantly hiding it from my parents. I would listen to Michael Jackson, Biggie Smalls, The Weeknd blew my mind from a young age, the trilogy album amazed me and I listened to while I slept. Bruno Mars, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Green-day and so many other artists, I listened to such a range of music that may be where my versatility originally stems.

You recently dropped “Piston”, tell us about the message or concept behind that?

It’s hyperactive and up beat, with vulgar yet carefully placed lyrics in an attempt to subtly influence kids to value the right things in life. I’m disappointed in that version of me, in the version of me that though it was okay to talk about another mans woman, I don’t agree with quite a few of the lyrics anymore because I’ve changed substantially since I made it – it’s not cool to take someone’s girlfriend, it’s not cool to talk violently, it’s weak. Forgive me if I’ve ever made anyone think it’s okay to do that, I’m going to leave the song up because people will be able to see me change for the better as time moves on but I’d like people to know I don’t agree with a lot of the lyrics. My initial intention was to subconsciously spread a good message to people that might not want to hear pure positivity.

Arguably you are creating a new wave of sound within the scene, it’s evident you don’t follow the typical sound emerging from the UK at the moment. How important is it for you to push that diversity and stand away from what’s considered the norm?

I’ve always been one to do whatever I genuinely found interesting, never one to conform to what people thought was cool. Although, the UK sound is amazing in its own respect I personally don’t listen to it much, so i don’t find myself compelled to use those kinds of beats. I just listen to an instrumental and speak my truth, if people like it that’s cool but I really just want to create. I’m not worried about following social standards or trends to sell my music, I just want create music that heals and inspires a generation.

In what ways do you think you’ve developed as an artist since you started releasing music?

I think I just got better and better at my craft, it happened so quickly due to how much work I was putting in and how obsessed I was with being the best and my burning desire to prove I would make it to everyone who ever dared to doubt me. I worked tirelessly and my views of what held meaning constantly changed for the better, continually improving through hard work, dedication, passion and perseverance, I realised I could make whatever kind of music I wanted to. I didn’t need to worry about whether people liked it or not, after a certain point I just thought to myself, I need to like it myself and everything else will fall into place.

I noticed you haven’t had any features in your music so far. Is there a particular reason for this? Are there any artists you would love to collaborate at some point in either the UK or over seas?

I made sure when I started music that I would 1. Never let my self get intoxicated before making music and 2. Never let myself be fooled into thinking I would ever need anyone else on a song of mine to make it sound better. I thought those rules were very important to me, I thought it was essential I learn how to make hit after hit by myself, and to be able to make the entire record sound good, not just the hook or a part of the verse. I made sure I focused on never needing any help and never relying on outside effort because if you want a job done properly, you do it yourself. I’d love to make a song with Drake, I highly respect his work ethic, dedication and passion for his craft, he’s a flipping genius! I don’t care what anyone says and there’s a few female vocalists that I’d love to work with but I’m not actually fussed about working with anyone to be honest. I just want to make good music in my room, I like it there, it’s personal and I can really draw my emotion out without the need to worry about someone else’s energy clashing with mine.

You have been fairly open about your beliefs religiously, you have also mentioned that in doing so you have relieved yourself of a few handicaps? Is this something that helps you to stay grounded and focused? 

My faith and love of God will always come before anything this world could ever dream to offer, and I really mean anything. I have had handicaps recently in the sense that I can’t really say certain things that might sound cool to the world but opposes the message I want to spread, so I’m very careful about the things I say in songs nowadays. I don’t swear anymore which might not even be a handicap because I don’t even like swearing, it just sounds vulgar and a little nasty to me. You asked does my faith help me? My faith is the only reason I am willing to stay on this earth, it’s my hope and my light in times of darkness. It saved me from committing suicide and bestowed upon me a sense of purpose. A meaningful, challenging and eternal purpose… I will never forsake it. Jesus Christ really saved my life.
What more can we expect to hear from you this coming year?

You can expect a lot more emotionally driven music, there’s a few upbeat tracks on the EP but I’m leaning towards more meaningful records. I find they always live longer, music with real depth and substance.. you guys are going to be shocked! I’m so excited for the world to hear it.. 777TOTHEWORLD&BACK. FOREVER&ALWAYS.

You can keep up to date with all things KDVSGOLIATH on his Instagram here.