A D M B – Sundown (Instrumental EP Review)


By a.k.e


14 Jan 2016

As 2015 comes to a close it has been evident that the quality of musicians and music has reached new heights that has attracted many fans from overseas that finally understand why the UK music scene is so special. 2015 has been a notable year for producers as they have received more accolades and recognition this year than ever before.

Producers in our scene are the backbone to the culture and the art of music. They are also the reason why we hear credible music from our favourite artists. As we embrace a new year, it is important that you recognise the musical craftsmanship and talent of London Hip Hop producer A D M B.

A D M B invites us into his world with his debut release, the ‘Sundown’ EP which infuses lo-fi jazz and soul to produce a refined sound of nostalgic Hip Hop for our listening pleasure. The EP offers 7 tracks of diverse sounds that are refreshing for the culture of Hip Hop, preserving the old school smooth elements of Hip Hop with a new subtle sound that complements the productions.

 A D M B stays true to the roots of Hip Hop and provides a euphoric touch to his productions throughout the EP which are noteworthy.

The EP starts with “Puppets” featuring Izzy Layne which provides melodic vocals that complement the atmospheric vibe of the production. The production varies from its smooth introduction to a more disorientated sound for the closing.

This is followed by “Luna”, which offers a versatile twist by implementing soothing harmonies to the dominant drums and kicks which provide the best of both worlds by blending traditional Hip Hop sound with Jazz elements.

“Tokyo” has a more hard hitting rhythm and an impactful bass line which emphasises the sound of the production, offering a more upbeat offering compared to the other productions presented on the EP.

The elegant sounds of “Just A Day” is a notable track on the EP that blends a vast variety of sounds that rapidly change the tempo and direction of the track at a moment’s notice. The production shows versatility at its finest form as the complex sounds produces a strong, lively beat.

“From The Stage” is accompanied by subtle samples that offer a real unique charm to the vibe of the track as it complements the mellow sound of the production entirely. This sound is chilled and laidback throughout the track and is relatable for true listeners of Hip Hop.

“It Will Be Alright” places more emphasis on the jazz elements as the kicks and drums are surrounded with majestic, transcending sounds that gets softer as the track progresses.

The EP concludes with “Onwards” which is a collage of various Hip Hop sounds    A D M B blended together. The last track of the EP brings out a sentimental tribute to Hip Hop as all the elements are presented effectively.

The ‘Sundown’ EP was a journey that brought out a fresh, innovative style of Hip Hop to the forefront which is truly impressive for a London producer. The debut EP explored the depths of Hip Hop music and offered music that can certainly stand as a true representation of Hip Hop production infused with the classy jazz elements, providing moments of pure nostalgia and vibes. With such a solid debut release it is only right that we pay attention to what A D M B has to offer for 2016 as it is sure to be truly special.

Favourite Track: Luna

 Tariq Peters (@ExplicitLDN)

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