A Day Filled With Empowerment – The Success Of Black Pound Day!

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

28 Jun 2020

“Black Pound Day was a massive success. This ethos is required in balancing the social scales of economic justice within the U.K. Hailing from communities that have higher rates of income inequality in comparison to most racial groups in the U.K. Swiss’ Black Pound Day is imperative. As we know black businesses find it harder to access debt and investment capital. 

In the last two years no other music video platform/label has paid a higher volume of young black artist than Mixtape Madness so we know first hand the importance of economic empowerment. We will continue to kind power innovative ways to empower where possible. 
Below are a few businesses that the team and myself are fully behind”
– Co-Owner, Kwabz Ayim.

Yesterday, courtesy of Swiss’s empowering initiative – Black Pound Day was a huge success! Collectively, we were able to unite and put our money into some amazing British Black businesses across the nation!

Below, we have listed an array of links to fantastic business that you can invest into in the future:
Black-Owned Shops For You To Stock Up Essentials Right Now
Take Risks And Prosper – Premium Streetwear Brand
Velviere – The New Voice of Modern & Luxury Fashion
– Here is a twitter thread containing a huge lists of businesses! – ‘UK BLACK POUND DAY THREAD’
51 Black Owned Skincare Brands
Nella Rose started a thread for Black women to list their businesses
‘Get Set Binge TV’ posted photo’s filled with lists of companies to look out for (below)