A2 Returns With ‘2 Phones’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

19 Oct 2023

One of the pioneers in the Alternative UK Rap space, A2 has returned for his first solo release of the year with his new single, ‘Two Phones’. The Croydon rapper has also provided a cinematic visual to accompany the release, directed by Pietro Biz Biasia.

A2 has become something of a cult hero within the UK Rap scene since he began uploading his music to Soundcloud. The elusive figure has since branched out into more recognisable projects including 2019’s ‘All Spill’ and 2021’s ‘Just So You Know’.

This year has seen the artist link up with M Huncho on ‘Go Getter’, as well as appearing on Benjamin A.D’s track ‘Let Me Explain’. There is no doubting A2’s influence on the current state of UK Rap and ‘Two Phones’ is most certainly a return to form.