Aaliyah Fans Petition for MAC to Launch ‘Limited Edition Aaliyah Makeup’


By Annelle


10 May 2016

Legendary singer Aaliyah may be a few signatures away from having her own limited edition makeup collection with MAC Cosmetics. With the recent news that late singer Selena Quintanilla would be receiving her own makeup line with MAC, fans felt Aaliyah also deserved one. According to Essence, super fan Jennifer Risinger launched the online petition through Change.org and used the hashtag #AaliyahForMAC which has reached over 15,000 signatures who are in favour of Aaliyah having a collection with MAC.


Risinger, reached out to Aaliyah’s family for their support. The late singer’s brother Rashad Haughton stated that Aaliyah was a “big fan of MAC,” confirming his support for #AaliyahForMAC. The petition is currently just 9,000 signatures away from making their mark.

Risinger’s petition has a goal of reaching 15,000 signatures, and they are currently just 200-some signatures shy or making their mark.

You can sign up below: