Aeris Roves Surrenders To Love On Latest Single, ‘Pulling Me Closer’

Afoma Andrea

By Afoma Andrea

Afoma Andrea

23 Jan 2022

Though cupid’s day may be a few weeks away, Yorkshire-born R&B artist Aeris Roves has already gained his spot on multiple Valentine’s playlists with his latest track ‘Pulling Me Closer’.

Whilst previous releases ‘Cairo’ and ‘Long Way Down’ centred on the journey of a relationship – ‘Pulling Me Closer’ rewinds back to the early stages of the romance. With a backdrop of flirty guitar strums and gentle harmonies, Aeris delves into the uncomfortable nature of intense attraction.

Speaking in more detail, he reiterates “Pulling me closer – A song that started off as an unfinished acoustic idea on Instagram. It was shared by Billie Eilish. A trip to Los Angeles with Two Inch Punch offered the inspiration needed to finish the production. Thematically, it explores a situation of initial attraction, in that it’s unexpected and intense, pondering the fact that once it takes hold, it is very difficult to let go of.”

With a new label and management in tow as well as news of a London live date in the coming months, 2022 is off to a successful start for Aeris Roves.

Stream Aeris Rover’s ‘Pulling Me Closer’ below! Photo credit: Tayler Prince-Fraser.