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Mixtape Madness Team

25 Aug 2011

“You can lock the locks but you can’t stop the clocks” – Agyeman

I want to get deeper into the ‘underground’ scene and begin to blog about artists who may be known by some but not necessarily by the majority. First up is an artist they refer to as ‘Agye Crack’ or more commonly known as Agyeman, originating from Tottenham he managed to create a huge ‘buzz’ for himself with his debut mixtape entitled “Addicted to Crack”. Released 2 years ago in 2009 Agye has successfully kept his fans entertained until his return with an ample amount of tracks which are still proven popular to date. The track I have decided to showcase, conveying Agyeman’s talents is entitled “Purple City”, it has a catchy ‘hood’ beat which Agye’s flow works well with making this a tune that will make you nod your head to. Although this track lasts under 2 minutes, it is 2 minutes that captures Agye to be a ‘trap’ rapper –

“You n**gers don’t know me, ‘til I’m on your block letting off shots at your co’d”

“My heart can’t love no b*tch, Agye can’t trust no b*tch”

These lyrics may seem aggressive to some but this is just what ‘hood’ music is all about – the realness. Agyeman definitely has a talent to him and definitely needs to blow!

Agyeman - Addicted To Crack

North London artist Agyeman,known for his unique delivery and explosive bars that has the whole of Tottenham constantly reloading his tracks.

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