Alana Maria & Backroad Gee “Switch It Up” For Highly Anticipated Single

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

29 Jul 2021

Rising artist Alana Maria has just dropped her brand new single named, “Switch It Up” with assistance from UK rapper Backroad Gee.

Following up from her previous release “Chargie”, Alana Maria is back with a bang! Encapsulating that 90’s feel that we’ve all been craving, this slick track encourages the listener to focus on themselves and chase the bag, which in this case means putting love aside. Complimenting each other’s styles with ease, Backroad Gee’s signature punching vocals and flow adds that extra edge to the already top-notch track.

Speaking on the track Alana Maria commented, “The track is an automatic 90’s groove which focuses on the idea of getting money as the main priority and choosing to put love aside. I loved creating this song because it highlights the importance of putting your needs first before anyone or anything else, which I think is necessary in order to have a happy life and to understand self-importance is key! As 90’s RnB was the sound that I grew up on, It was really comforting to create ‘Switch It Up’ as it triggered many nostalgic and euphoric memories of growing up. Having BackRoad Gee on the song transported it back to the present time giving the song the perfect balance between old and new.”

Listen to the full track above.