Rising R&B phenomenon Alex Vaughn releases debut project ‘The Hurtbook’

Joe Simpson

By Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson

11 Oct 2022

Rising R&B phenomenon Alex Vaughn has released her debut project The Hurtbook and with it, the official visuals for “So Be It”.

The Hurtbook, a breath of fresh air for R&B, captures the true essence of raw talent and emotion that effortlessly oozes through Vaughn’s classically trained
musicianship with the raw expression she’s developed as she digs deeper into her craft.  The Hurtbook is about growth and the growing pains in relationships: romantic, platonic and with oneself.

Talking on the body of work, Alex states: “The project started off as a compilation of thoughts from an old relationship but grew into a quilted map of patterns and events that applied to more than just romance. It’s about being honest with yourself and how you feel about those changes that are happening. Most importantly, it’s a reminder that though these series of events may have hurt you, you are not broken”. 

A mark of Alex’s heat levels in the scene, legendary super producers are laced
across the project – incl. Rodney Jerkins, Camper and GRAMMY-nominated DJ Money. Vaughn opens the project with, “So Be It”, a powerful ballad that breaks down the emotions surrounding a breakup between friends; “I ignore my intuition once again, all for me to say you’re still my friend,” Vaughn sings. She then follows up with the upbeat, feel-good “Keep That Energy (One More Chance)” sampled from the late Notorious B.I.G., capturing the original’s nostalgia whilst adding her unique touch.

An unquenchable thirst for growth is what’s powered the Maryland singer/songwriter with her release of “Mirage” earlier this Feb – her first release since signing with LVRN/Interscope in 2021. The Hurtbook, seamlessly blends her natural musicianship with the raw expression she’s developed as she’s digged deeper. With her parents enrolling her in classical and jazz piano lessons from a young age, Vaughn’s heart was nevertheless always set on R&B: 2017 saw her begin posting covers to Instagram and Twitter, which led to performances at The Kennedy Center and The Fillmore, as well as opening on national tours for the likes of K. Michelle and Eric Bellinger. During the pandemic, Vaughn joined LVRN’s Instagram Live talent show, catching the label’s attention and the following year they formalized their belief
in her.

Now, with The Hurtbook, Vaughn is using her platform to show her fans how far self- belief can go: “My fans will always know that I am a human being, so I’m scared just like you are,” she says. “I’m nervous like you are. I’m excited. I feel what you feel. I’m doing the best that I can with what I got.”