Alice Rowe Returns With A Fiery Offering “Flex On You”

Elle Evans

By Elle Evans

Elle Evans

26 Jun 2020

Alice Rowe has returned with her brand new fearless single titled, Flex On You.

Following previous singles Do You Feel Me, Phase, and Figure You Out, this brand new track boasts Alice’s vocal ability and fearless lyrics. While the R&B singer’s ex puts her right in her feelings, Alice has the mindset of letting her success be her best revenge; “Going to hear my name everywhere / Driving you insane but I don’t care”. Her sweeping falsettos are paired against a gentle soundscape of guitar riffs and reverberant piano, finding the gifted lyricist at the height of her craft and working with a strong sense of purpose.

Speaking on the single, Alice commented; “It’s one of those situations where someone f*cks you over but once you’re out of it you realise you’re better. I was in this situation with someone, he even tried to talk to my friend and thought I didn’t know, I wrote the song straight after I found out so the song is very raw.”

Listen to Flex On You below and on Apple Music below.